Tuesday, January 16

10 Steps to Recovering Heartbreak!

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Breakups are something almost everyone will experience, especially those who are relationship-rush types. Ending a relationship can be devastating, shocking and above all tear-jerking. But Magnificent is here with 10 professional tips to pave your way to recovering your heartbreak and give you all the empowerment you deserve. Taking care of yourself now is TOP PRIORITY!


Allow yourself time to heal. There’s certainly no on-and-off switch! We all have that sensitive human being inside; but even if “the Ex” wounded you pretty harsh, you will still always remember the good moments you shared together. Just give yourself some time to grieve and deal with all the built-up emotions. Trust me this is not weakness; you are just not a robot!


Don’t fight your feelings! If you are going to disregard them, it’d be even harder for you to deal with them later on. Again, you are not a robot. It’s okay to cry. Hold a pillow up to your face and scream so loud. Or even remove it, who cares! Punch the sofa! If breaking couple of dishes will help, go do it; but stay away from the china or you will be surviving a heartbreak and an angry mother J


Spend time with your other relationships; the ones that are actually meant to last forever; like your blood-bonded family and your close friends. Surround yourself with the people who truly love and care for you. This is essential for your recovery! Open up to the people you trust and let them evaluate your relationship and give you their advice. It will help you put things in perspective.


Write down everything you hate about your “Ex” and read it out loud. Trust me, you will feel insanely better and it will open your eyes to the flaws you failed to see in them.  Shortly after, you’ll come to realize that the breakup was sort of a gift! And eventually the only thing you will feel sorry for is the time you have spent with that ex!


Refer to them as “the Ex”. The less you use their name, the sooner for it to become just an old memory. Delete your Ex’s phone number, text messages, photos and everything. Don’t give yourself the slightest chance to drift into the forgotten past and painful flashbacks that never lead to anything good.


Now after you have done the hate list and the erase task, learn to forgive whatever and whoever is responsible for the end of your relationship. Whether it was yourself, your ex or anything else; forgiving is an imperative part of moving on. Well, I am not asking you to push beyond your forgiveness limits, as it has to be genuine. But think about your future! Nothing is as precious as your own time, and this past relationship should never hold you on. Get rid of the bitterness, move on and find your own inner peace.


One of the most important things to do, while recovering from such a wound, is to take good care of yourself. Let your self-pity last for a few days, then give yourself a good look in the mirror. Tell yourself; ENOUGH ALREADY! Just because you’re going through a rough patch, it doesn’t mean you should stop looking after yourself! Whether it’s home pampering or a little shopping spree, it will make you realize how amazingly happy you can be by yourself.


Ok, this is tricky as some music will give you the empowerment you need while others will throw memories back and make you even more miserable. Be wise while applying this tip, as music is generally inspired from true stories! It can help you either take your mind off the subject or just give you a glimpse into your new life. I recommend artists as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce or Maroon Five. But never ever consider listening to any Adele’s until you are totally through.


Do you seriously think you need a new relationship to get over a recent heartbreak! Even if it was a “no strings attached”, it goes only two ways. Either you fall in love again and most probably get heartbroken AGAIN (because you rushed yourself into the wrong sort of relationship), or you hurt that poor person and end up destroying someone! Both ways end badly, so think a million times before you go there.


BELIEVE that there will be many new chapters to your story. Don’t get lost in the one that has already ended! BELIEVE that you will find someone who deserves you and makes your life so much greater. BELIEVE that the moment you’ll find the right person, you will realize that all the pain you have gone through was nothing compared to the happiness you’re now experiencing with the love of your life. Know deep down that you are strong, you will find happiness as long as you believe in happy!

By Amy Farid

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