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The Flame of Fire Glimmers !!

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Fire is bright, strong, and takes control. These signs want to be in charge, as they are the most confident of all the signs. When it wants something you will know! Fire people do not stop until they get what they want. People look to fire people as the energy boosters of the zodiac.

Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired; they seem very passionate about life. They like to live large, and often feel frustrated by mundane chores and duties.

Fire people can also be very arrogant and self-centered. Don’t go to a fire person for sympathy or comforting. They just don’t have the time. They are too busy getting their needed recognition. They have no patience for emotionalism or heaviness. They tend to run over the weaker, shyer signs. A fire sign is the boss who takes your ideas, motivates and leads all the employees to better sales and marketing while taking all the credit.

Fire signs are: Aries who are the inventors, creators and visionaries of the fire signs. They will go where no other person or sign has gone before. They are the original pioneers and possess tremendous reserves of energy. Leo are the advocates, lawyers and cheerleaders of the fire signs. They will often take a managerial position to continue and expand upon what has already been created. Sagittarius are the revolutionaries, philosophers and judges of the fire signs. They will change or destroy what has been created to make room for what is to come. It could be said that the main goal of the element fire is to transform, Fire signs have an ability to transform situations or perspectives with their optimism and high energy. Without the encouragement and ideas of the air signs the fire signs would be lost. Fire needs air to generate heat. The fires stimulate and help motivate the air signs into new ideas.

Fire and Air explosive combination:

When Fire and Air get together, there can be a lot of inspired thinking. Fire helps Air find focus when scattered, and adds optimism to any plans hatched. Air can articulate the big picture for the impulse-driven Fire, while the latter keeps things from being all talk and no action. These two keep each other in stitches, open the doors of perception and find new ways to astonish the other.

Fire and Water:

Fire’s greatest gift is being able to inspire, and this appeals to Water’s desire for meaning. A generous Fire person shows Water how to be in the moment, even if they’re having a lot of loads. Water takes Fire on an emotional journey that helps them see how they’re related to others.

Fire and Earth:

Sometimes Fire has lots of visionary ideas that Earth can help put into reality. This can make Earth feel needed and appreciated, not to mention that Fire’s enthusiasm is contagious. If Earth becomes too slow and plodding for Fire, this match could get trapped in frustration. Through Earth’s eyes, Fire may seem unrealistic and unwilling to do the legwork to make things happen.

Fire and Fire:

When Fire meets Fire, life can be an exuberant adventure. It’s a vital match where there is mutual inspiration and encouragement. The challenge comes when the flaming match turn into struggles for dominance. If there is only drama, without an emotional foundation, this match can burn itself out.

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