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By Samar Abd Rabou

Are you mirror obsessed?! Do you see or feel someone else is watching you when you look at the mirror?! Before you answer guys, better to know more about this mysterious reflective device. But be cautious; don’t try to figure out if your mirror is one of the following, this is just my advice friends!

“Mirrors are just surfaces reflecting us and our surroundings”, not exactly?!!

When we were young, we believed mirrors were more than just glassy surfaces. All of us heard the famous quote “Stop staring at the mirror or you’ll become insane”. Our mothers were part of the traditional mirror superstitionsJ Mirrors have a certain air of mystery about them, which gives rise to myths, legends and superstitions. Throughout history mirrors have always been perceived as power beyond the nature, a reflection of the truth, and a source of many mystical and supernatural ideas. They even believed them to be portals to other worlds. Such myths evolved from the times when water was used as a mirror. People would look into the water to see their fates. That’s why mirrors are both soul reflectors and devil tool.

“Look into a mirror often enough and you will see the devil”

Some of such superstitions are sort of funny, but others are mysterious and all are very different!!

  • There’s an ancient superstition claims that all mirrors in a house where someone has died must be covered. This prevents the dead person’s soul from getting trapped in the mirror.
  • Another belief is that anyone who admired his or her reflection in the mirror risks loosing his or her soul, because the ghost of the dead person will take it!! Impressive guys, right!!
  • If a mirror falls from a wall, it means someone is going to die.
  • A mirror framed on three sides means a witch has used it to see over long distances.
  • Some cultures believe that a baby who looks into a mirror during his first year will die. While others believe that if a baby looked at a mirror in the first months, then he would be a liar.
  • Ancient Chinese believed that mirrors frighten away evil spirits who get scared when they see themselves! And if the mirror was broken, the protection was gone.
  • Also, it is considered a bad luck to see your face in a mirror when sitting by candlelight, what a scary sight!
  • If a couple’s first sight of each other is their reflections in a mirror, they will have a happy marriage.
  • Want to see what your future husband looks like? Sit down in front of a mirror and eat an apple before brushing your hair. An image of a man will appear behind your shoulder! What an advice girls.
  • Another belief that if a person looked at the reflected image of the dead person in a mirror, then they would see the face of the devil.
  • In Indian culture, people shouldn’t look into the mirrors of a house they were visiting. That’s because after leaving, they would leave part of their soul behind, trapped in the mirror, which could then be manipulated by the host to his advantage.

Do not look at your image in a shattered mirror, I warned you!!

Now, how do feel about that, I bit you are about to explode from laughing. But wait guys, if anyone suffers bad luck as you have damaged your soul, then you either broke a mirror or saw your image in a shattered mirror. Romans believed that the soul is renewed every seven years, so a damaged soul means seven years of tormented soul or ill health until renewal, Poor you!! Don’t worry as they also find the remedy to remove such bad luck. It is either to bury the pieces in the ground beneath a tree under the light of a full moon or tapping the broken mirror on a gravestone seven times which would allow the soul to heal, There is also the option of  placing the pieces in the bed of a river or stream that flowed south.

Tried & tested

Scary mirror experiences

The American heritage of mirrors myths is very rich, and plus they are guaranteed by experiment. So, guys if you tried any of the following methods, it’s all on your own responsibility.  The common things you need for such creepy experiences are a mirror, candle, darkness and of course being courageous enough.

The Bloody Mary

The evil spirit or witch who could be summoned by chanting “Bloody Mary”. The legend tells about a young girl named Mary who became very ill and fell into a coma. Her very old and feeble doctor believed she was dead and they buried her alive. Her mother had heard screams coming from the coffin. When they dug her up, she was dead with scratches on the coffin, Mary’s fingernails were bloody.

Stories say that all you need to summon this spirit is to stand before a mirror in the dark bathroom and repeat her name three -or thirteen- times with a lit candle. If Bloody Mary is summoned, she would proceed to kill the summoner in an extremely violent way; ripping the face off, scratching eyes out, cutting head off, driving the person insane or bringing him/her into the mirror with her. It is said that if she doesn’t kill you, then she haunts you for the rest of your life. Some versions say that if you chant her name thirteen times at midnight into a mirror she will appear and you can talk to a deceased person until 12:01.

Hollywood is greatly inspired by this legend so you can figure out the results without being damaged, God Forbids, as in the 1992 movie “Candyman” that used the idea for its plot. When the characters chanted “Candyman” in the mirror 5 times, he would appear and murder them with his hook hand. Another movie was “Urban Legend” released in 1998 and as if that wasn’t enough, 2005 brought us “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”.

“Lady in White”

The legend is that when you go to the bathroom turn around 5 times and say “Lady in White” then turn around the other way and say someone you miss who is dead. You’ll see him/her in the mirror but all the lights have to be off and you have to be alone. The name comes from a bride who died in a crash on her way to her wedding; many people believe that they have seen her spirit in many locations in the states. Will you give it a try!!

“Blue Baby”

Go into a bathroom with the lights off and the door closed. Pretend to rock a baby. Chant the phrase “Blue Baby” thirteen times. A baby will appear and scratch you. DROP IT AND RUN! If you don’t, a woman will to appear and scream as loud as glass breaking, “GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!!” If you have her baby, she will kill you.

While you may think you’re safe from mean, old Bloody Mary, or any of those evil spirits think again! Remember, legends are not fully fake; there must be even an teency weency truth about them.  And the only truth is the mystery of Mirrors, Spirit reflectors and devil tools, just watch out people “Stop Staring at Mirrors or You may Become part of this Mystery”.

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