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Women Dictionary of Hints & Signs!

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christmas-clothingBehind the Mirror of Gestures

Guys, have you ever thought that you definitely need super powers to understand your partner’s hints and gestures?! If yes, then rest assured that you are just a typical, normal bloke. It’s kind of an agreement. Girls never give up sending signals and hints and guys never make it to decipher these signals – except of course for a very limited number of guys in the whole universe. To make you get my point, below are some of the most common signals sent by us gals and a brief definition brought to you from the dictionary of relationships.


Situation 1

A girl turns to the silent mood during a fight or an argument.


The girl doesn’t think things are over as most guys imagine, she is just sending a sign that says “I’m done with this issue, just a nice word from you would make everything OK.”

Recommended Reaction

Here comes your role, because in most cases women never think things through during a fight, as they barley even think during a fight. Also she is not that angry because if she was, most probably she’d leave.


Situation 2

A girl shows you something she’s just bought and asks anxiously for your opinion.


She is really not sure about this item she bought and needs another opinion –I beyond doubt recommend a girl friend here.

Recommended Reaction

Here, she is not expecting a typical macho attitude of observing the item with the side of your eye so that you won’t have to turn your head away from your beloved TV then say this clichéd phrase “It looks great babe”.


Situation 3

A girl asks for your opinion about something, from her point of view, is very serious; the color of the kitchen curtains for example!


Believe me she is not expecting an answer like “Any color you pick would be nice honey” because this would be translated as a symbol of your non-caring personality and how you will never be supportive in the future regarding all essential stuff  like the school of the kids, the financial planning, her career………..etc.

Recommended Reaction

Believe me this accusation list could be endless, so get yourself out of this and just pick a color for the curtains.


Situation 4

A girl asks you to introduce her to your family.


It’s a very clear signal says that “We should really take this relationship to the next level”.


Situation 5

A girl talks a lot about her male co-workers


It’s a obvious indication that she lacks your care and wants to attract your attention by making you jealous.


Situation 6

A girl gets dressed up for your dinner together and tries to look astonishingly cute.


She’s with no doubt trying to light this love spark again – especially if you’re married or been together for a long time.

Recommended reaction

Please do not talk about your work or sports, and definitely don’t mention that need to get up early for work the next day.


Those were only few of the very common signals sent by most girls and never been understood by most guys. With a bit of luck, those tips would act as a support system for guys; though I’m somehow positive that some things never change. They are just meant to be!!


By Yasmine Taha

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