Thursday, January 18

14 Laid-Back Beauty Hacks!

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It’s summer again!! It’s time to relax and layback. So you want to look stunningly, yet you’re way too lazy or busy having fun to put time into it?! No problem, we’re gonna share with you the secrets to looking great in almost no time!.  So let’s get started with these effortless makeover hacks!


1- No Foundation … No Problem

If foundation is not your thing, then all you need is a good BB cream. You can also use sun screen or mix it up with some BB cream to keep your skin protected all day; which means healthy, young-looking skin.


2- Lip Stick Can Be For Cheeks Too

Adding some color to your cheeks is a great way to look fresh and pretty every morning! Just use your lipstick to do the trick. It will quickly freshen up your dim face.


3- Have Naturally-Looking, Larger Eyes in 2 Minutes

No matter how exhausted your eyes look, just pick nude eyeliner along with your water line to make your peepers look fresher and brighter. This will instantly transform your look and make your eyes look more awake and bigger than they actually are. The results will leave you simply stunned!


4- Lip Balm Brow-Taming Trick  

. Lip balm is the perfect texture for brow-taming. Simply swipe your lip balm over your eye brows then brush the rebellious hairs in place; and forget about them for the whole day!


5- Mascara Can Be Eyeliner Too

. A surprisingly practical hack is to use your mascara as an eyeliner. You just need mascara and a liner brush to get going with this amazing trick!


6- Use Eye Cream as Magic Eraser

Imagine this: You are done with your make up, but something went wrong leaving it looking squiggly. Who’s got the time to start it all over?! Not you, no worries! Eye cream can be used to erase the lousy makeup in one swoop. It works as a make-up remover while brightening the eye area as well.


7- Contact Solution for Clumsy Mascara

If you aren’t happy with the consistency of your mascara, simply add about 10-12 drops of contact solution into the mascara tube, shake it well, and enjoy!


8- Powder for Matte Lipstick

Want to transform a regular lipstick into a matte? Apply a little bit of powder to your lips before applying the lipstick. This simple trick transforms any regular lipstick into a matte bombshell!


9- The Dazzle of Red

If you feeling quite lazy to follow the typical beauty regime, but wanna look stunningly dazzling; here’s an easy trick! All you need is a bright red lipstick and you are good to go!! Next time you feel unenergetic but still want to hit the sexiness walkway – you know what to do, right?


10- Your Fingers Are Best Makeup Brushes

A lazy/busy girl doesn’t need all those makeup brushes to look fabulous. Your fingers are a great alternative! You can apply cream, foundation, concealer, and even eye shadow with your  beautiful little fingers. No need for so much brush hassle!!


11- Glittery Nail Secret

Can’t deal with the naked parts of your old nail polish? Well, let glitter nail polish cover that up! It adds a glamorous shinny look to your hands. And don’t worry, no one will notice your secret!


12- Bang Wash

Your hair is too oily but no time to hit the shower? No problem! Just tie your hair in a ponytail, wet your hands with a small, dime-sized amount of shampoo, run it through your bangs, and rinse it out. Another fast way is to spray a dry shampoo on your roots and massage your scalp for couple of minutes. Couldn’t be easier, huh?!


13- Quickly Thicker Hair

For thicker hair, apply a little brown or black eyeshadow on your locks; et voila thick-looking hair with zero effort!


14- Natural Wavy Curls

Wanna have séchoir-free hair curls? The trick is to go to bed with two braids, then untie them just before you head out the next day. Make sure to put on some hairspray to help those tresses last longer and enjoy your heatless super cute curls.


By Reem Salem


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