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Be Fashionable… Be Your Own!

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f3Do you follow trends that are the highest in fashion, yet sometimes you end up looking dull and unattractive? You keep wondering “what’s wrong… why I’m not looking even the tiniest bit like that model or that celebrity?”  Guys, fashion is not about wearing the latest outfits but wearing WHAT FITS YOU and adds that magic touch to your body. Here comes the question “how am I supposed to choose from the huge variety of fashion styles out there?” The answer is: the first step to be stylish is to know your body’s shape and its flaws.


However, before going through this, for all ladies and gentlemen:

– Love your body! It is a part of your identity. No matter how short, tall or obese you are, this is your own creation.

– Remember that fashion is not made only for you, so just pick what fits you and veil your imperfections.

– Finally, no one is perfect, everyone has body flaws.


Sexy Fruits!

Let’s start with ladies, as they could be the poor victims of any wrong choice. Girls do you know that you are sorted as fruits when tackling your body shapes. It varies from apple, banana, pear and hourglass.



maxi-dresses-for-apple-shape-bodyIf you are full at chest and middle of body ending with thin legs, you are an apple. This means that your main focus should be the upper part of your body. You better go for simple cuts and straight lines which will be perfect for your body shape. Straight cut blouses that aren’t loose will give you a broader upper shape. Avoid anything that is tight around the middle like waist cut dresses, large belts, tugged in blouses with an elaborate top. Try always to have flowing soft fabrics blouses or shirts and jackets that reach the top of your thighs and stay away from waist. If you want to add a charming flavor, just put on a long necklace or a flowing scarf. Again, apples, the word straight is your key to fashionable outfits, so no tight pants and skirts,  Not to mention skinny pants, they are enemies to your sexy style.



pear-shaped-casual-dressesIf you are a Pear, your body is fuller around the hips, has a wide pelvis and small at the chest and shoulders. Your aim will be to match between your upper and lower body parts in harmony. Therefore, tops with large patterns are great and let them be shiny in bright colors to give a perfect upper appearance. V-cut necklines or wide boat cut openings will help you have charming look without flaws.  Make shorter necklaces, large collars, shoulder pads and medium long jackets your top choices. As for lower part, wear straight cut skirts or pants, solid colors, preferably darker to maintain petite lower shape. Avoid wide, pleated and patterned skirts, high waist pants, or any kind of design that attracts the look at your lower part.



Banana_Shape_Body_clip_image002Girls even if you have a slim straight body shape, don’t get frustrated because you are a sweet banana. You will find that most of world fashion models are bananas. You’re sort of lucky as you have the opportunity to waer all styles. Tube dresses, striped, plaid, floral and slender blouses will look great on you. You will be sexy in skirts of all lengths, short jackets, elaborate tops and the new ruffled gowns. However, you will look like a pin, if you opted for very skinny pants or tight cloths of any kind.



shape-shiftersWith respect to all apples, pears and bananas; hourglasses are still the most feminine and hot among all body shapes. An hourglass body shape is curvy at the chest as well as around the hips. Don’t wear wide or too loose clothes, as they will make you larger. Similarly, my lady, don’t wear too tight cloths as you don’t want to get too much unwanted attention. Again it’s about balance, everything long and flowing that brings out your waist through cut or with a belt is ideal. Try always to show the natural feminine look you have through soft silky material, wrapped dresses, blouses or skirts. Work on your waist as it grants you stretched body, through waist jackets or wide belts.


Now it is your turn dear gentlemen!

IMG_20160721_172908222bf0f3384a9712ac37a1b9accf2dadI join all girls in envying you for the fashion easiness and plenty of styles you have guys. Unlike ladies, you can shop for the best outfits in just two hours. But before buying staff, you have to know what goes with you and matches with your body shape so as to look perfect! There are three basic body shapes:



Usually used to refer to slim tall guys. Being thin is not a big deal, so guys calm down. All you have to do is to choose clothes that add bulk and make use of horizontal lines. Create width in suits by adding some padding to the shoulders; let it be in tweeds or plaids. Avoid three-button suits and heavily-waisted coats as they’re slimming. T-shirts with horizontal stripes are excellent choices for casual wear and try to wear a light turtleneck shirt under your sweater. Don’t forget that you are the lucky among many who can wear layers of cloths in winter without looking like a balloon. Never ever wear a tight; always wear a well fitted outfit.



Short, stocky, obese or heavy; never mind, all can be handled through your outfit style. Always stick to vertical lines. For classic wear, consider a three-buttoned suit made of solid or pinstriped material to minimize your width. In casual wear, you are best in a one-colour look; perhaps navy pants with a navy sweater. A jacket, sweater or shirt that contrasts sharply with your pants will simply cut you in half. If your legs are too short, you can add length by avoiding turn-ups and by hemming pants at a length that produces only a slight break over the shoe, besides matching or at least blending shoe and pants colour.



Do you have a masculine look, muscular and athletic shaped body; then you are the sexy type of guys! Despite having an ideal body shape, you might have some problems while selecting your outfits. May be the most common problem among you guys is having too broad shoulders, which is too clear in suits and jackets. Best solution for you is to soften angles of your square shoulders through avoiding padding, lapels or shirt collars that point somewhat downward. V-necks will also divert attention away from very square shoulders. If you want to shorten your height, Horizontal lines can divide the length of your body into segments and make you appear shorter. A dark jacket or sweater with lighter pants is an excellent way to seem shorter. Skinny pants which are the latest fashion for men will be perfect for you; don’t forget that you look fascinating anyway!!



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