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Look Gorgeous & Feel Fabulous With Jewelry!

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You can look as glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor, and feel as fit as Jane Fonda. You must be asking yourself “How could that be?” The answer is in the power of precious stones. Precious stones or Gemstones do not only make you look awesome wearing them, but they have special powers that can make your life healthier, happier, and much more balanced.


Looking beautiful and feeling on top of the world are not the only powers of precious stones, they also have great healing powers. They have been used in different cultures for various purposes centuries ago. This may sound absurd to a lot of people, but Ms. Rafeya Moukhtar, The renowned Energy Researcher claims otherwise. In our interview with her, Ms. Rafeya answered our queries and did a great job enlightening us up on the subject.


Tell us about the power of precious stones.

Precious stones have elements that compose them. Each has a color, transparency, purity, geometry and a chemical composition. Those elements (each) emit its own vibration pattern, so that the crystal itself is a concert of vibrations where each frequency will work to “attune” a particular healing movement in the process we aspire to manifest.


Since when has “precious-stone healing” been practiced?

The use of precious stones as healing tools is well known and is a very ancient finding. Their use is clearly described in the Vedic, the Shamanic, the Ancient Egyptian and the Meso-American traditions.


For how long has it been practiced in Egypt?

It has been practiced in Egypt since the ancient Egyptian times and that’s more than 5000 years ago. It is not only for ornaments that the pharos wore, Lapis and Turquoise necklaces around their necks, but they knew that those crystals have strong effects when worn on the throat.


 It’s been said that Queen Cleopatra favored Emeralds. What are the special powers of emeralds?

Queen Cleopatra was a very powerful woman. She had great influence on everyone around her. She used Emaralds to enhance her powers:

– Spiritually, Emerald encourages clairvoyance and a sense of beauty, harmony and justice.

– Emotionally, it helps overcome misfortunes and enjoy life.

-Mentally, it keeps us mentally young, bestows clarity, wakefulness and a broad vision.

-Physically, it improves the ability to see and heals inflammations of the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. It fortifies the heart, stimulates the liver, has a detoxifying effect and alleviates rheumatic complaints. Emerald strengthens the immune system and encourages recovery after infectious illnesses.


Are there certain remedies to heal physical pains like headaches and back pains?

Yes, Calcite, Ivory and Fluoride are all known for their power to heal bone pain, while Amethyst heals headaches.


If two people have the same symptom (e.g. headache), are they given different protocols or you treat all cases of headache alike?

I have to take each one’s profile first and find out the cause of the headache, then look for the stones for headaches and choose the one suitable for the case. Descriptions are different from one patient to another.


Using precious stones for healing may sound illogical to a lot of people. Is this changing in Egypt today?

Yes, it may sound illogical, but luckily, now people are seeking knowledge. We have been so much surrounded by all kinds of pollution that conventional medicine is not enough for healing anymore, and people want complementary ways that don’t have side effects and are less expensive. That’s why when people hear about that kind of healing, they want to learn more about it.


Precious stones had great importance through different ages and civilizations. Their significance was shown in a lot of movies, like the recent Pierce Brosnan/ Salma Hayek movie After the Sunset resolved around a couple of so-called “Napoleon” diamonds, also “The Ceremonial Stone” from Indiana Jones, and “The Galaxy” in Men in Black is a gemstone on a cat’s collar. Kate Winslet wore a big heart sapphire pendant in the movie Titanic which was called “The Heart of the Ocean”, and it had great importance in the movie. Ms. Rafeya expressed her opinion about the significance of precious stones in movies:


We have seen the significance of crystals and diamonds in numerous movies. Why do you think they’re of such importance?

Diamonds and Crystals hold lots of energy; they emit vibrations that interact with us in unique and specific ways. Crystals have great healing powers, and so it is believed they can grant you a long healthy life. We use precious stones and crystals a lot in of our practices. On the other hand, diamonds are rarely used because they are very expensive.


When we asked Ms. Rafeya whether precious stones are safe for ordinary people, she assured that they are totally harmless, and anyone can use them at home for different purposes. She advised the use of the following stones:

Amethyst: Helps better sleep.

Onyx: Absorbs negative energy around the house.

Clear Quartz: An energizer and promotes positive energy.

Agate: The best “women-stone”. Puts you in a better mood and enhances your sense of beauty.

“There are a lot of precious stones you can wear to lift your mood, like Ametrine, Citrine, Rhodochrosite, Rutilated Quartz, Sunstone, and Variscite,” Ms. Rafeya adds.


Nowadays, we utilize gemstones for different uses. A lot of athletes wear stones to boost their energy levels. Ms. Rafeya advises the use of Clear Quartz, Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl, Larimer, and Sunstone as energy boosters. Not only athletes can use precious stones for an energy boost, but also people with routine jobs can use it to feel more energetic during the day. Nagwan Abbas, an English elementary teacher claims, “I was advised by a silver and gemstone specialist to wear clear quartz with silver. Ever since I wore them, I felt more energetic. I could feel the difference”.


How about our little ones? Can precious stones help them do well in their schools and have better achievements? Ms. Rafeya argues, “There are precious stones that can help students focus and have better attention spans. These stones are Agate, Amethyst, Aragonite, Lepidolite, Onyx, Smokey Quartz, and Sapphire. If you made your kid wear them or hold them in the palm for a few minutes, they will transmit vibrations that will help your little one focus and have better concentration abilities”.


It’s no wonder that precious stones always had religious significance throughout history, not only in Islam but also in Christianity. Concerning the stones religious significance, our specialist said, “ We know that many religious places have been decorated with semi-precious stones like BEIT EL MAKDESS in Jerusalem, a description of it says “There was nothing more beautiful or lightning that it was shining in the dark like a sky with a full moon”, it was all decorated with sheets of gold, pearls, ruby in the ceiling; as for the floor, it was covered with sheets of turquoise. The gems are even mentioned in The Holly Quran like in Sourat Al Rahman: Al Yakout wal Morgan, which are Ruby and Coral; and in a Hadith Sharif about the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) that mentioned that he was always wearing a ring with an Ethiopian stone that is Agate, or Akik in Arabic. Also, high priests wear precious stones as pendants and in rings, and use them in a lot of their ceremonies.


Precious stones will never lose their significance. They were always admired by women and will continue being well-liked by them. And now with the raising awareness of their powers, even men tend to wear them. There’s a big range of stones for all kinds of purposes, and their prices vary so everyone can buy the suitable stone for them.


In a nutshell, you are guaranteed to look great and feel fantastic with such gems on you!


By Safeya Abdel Ghaffar

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