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8 Opportunities Open Only To Lucky Single Gals!!

Filed under : Joire De Vivre

IMG_20160602_065616Being single does not mean being lonely, and incomplete. In fact, being single gives you the time to find and complete yourself. After all, if you don’t know who you are and what you want, how do you expect another person to find that out? To help you see your cup half full and celebrate the joyous occasion of single-hood, we’ve put together this list of opportunities open only to lucky single gals!


1- Go on a ‘Wild Things’ vacation – Gather up all your girlfriends and plan the trip of a lifetime. Take a pact to not have any male components in the trip, kind of like that old black and white movie with Soad Hosny-El 3ozab El Thalatha (The 3 Bachelors), where the three guys vowed to go off women, even the female foods and vegetables. Well, switch it around and go off men (only for a while – don’t worry), take a trip around Europe, go to Ibiza or sunbath in Sharm. Take the time to renew your girlfriend bonds and go fun crazy.


2- Fulfill your dream of learning Swahili  How about taking fencing lessons and ballroom dancing? Who cares if it is useless and costs an arm and a leg, it’s your decision.


3- Take care of that body – You should have no excuse to get to the gym or take that daily run. The single’s life is pretty competitive, so you need to be in tip-top shape to be able to keep up. Try to work out three times a week and eat well. It works wonders for your life expectancy, which gives you more time to put off the whole tied down commitment thing. Oh.. did I mention giving you that much needed extra energy for those additional nights of dancing.


4- Pamper yourself with gifts – Don’t wait for a relationship to start receiving expensive gifts. Eyeing a new jacket? That diamond ring at the jewelers is dazzling your eyes? Give a gift to yourself on your birthday or on Valentine’s Day. After all no relationship means more money to spend on you.


5- Start giving back – There are always more people less fortunate than you. Yes I know that because your boss did not give you the expected bonus this year, you had to forgo on that fabulous fur coat, which left you feeling pretty deprived. But there are actually people out there who are really deprived. Since you don’t have to run after kids all day, or cook for a bottomless pit of man, it wouldn’t hurt you to have to experience these events once in a while. Visit an orphanage, or a senior citizens home. Cook some meals and donate them to a charity organization. Taking the time to help others in need can really help you put your life in perspective and appreciate what you have.


6- Put in the extra hours at work! Your cubicle at work is starting to feel like a second home? You’ve been stuck with it for so long that mold is starting to form on your name plate?! Isn’t it time that you start working towards that corner office? This is the twenty-first century, the women’s empowerment era, the time to leave your mark on this world. This is the best time for you to focus on your career and reach for your goals. Put in the extra hours at work, take those skill-enhancing courses, overcome all those challenges and reach for the sky.


7- Waste all the time you want  Even though your life is very busy and enriching, you still have the option to waste all the time you want to in the world, without being made to feel guilty about not spending it as quality togetherness time with your hubby.


8- And you have the right to exfoliate  No significant other means not having to explain all those bottles of cream and their uses. Yes, you do need a separate cream for day, one for night, one for washing, one for cleansing, and one for moisturizing; but what do you expect, no guy is going to understand that. Indulge into that spa weekend. There is nothing like a long massage with a relaxing steam bath afterwards to remind you that your life is pure bliss.

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