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Amr Diab leaves fans in awe at Mousa Coast!

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Just 90 minutes from Cairo, thousands of people enjoyed the performance of the mega star Amr Diab at Mousa Coast, the closest leisure and entertainment location on Red Sea.

The concert started off with the Ukrainian DJ Katrina, followed by collection of fire works by Ahmed Essam that incited the audience anticipation for the adored pop star.

The Lebanese bombshell Razan Maghraby presented the entrance of Amr Diab welcoming the audience’s exciting applause, joking she would have greeted them one by one except for the muscly guards that wouldn’t allow her to.

Shoots from Amr Diab’s program “El-Helm” preceded his performance and then Amr came to stage on a white t-Shirt singing “aho leil we 3ada” from his new album “Shoft Al-Ayam”, along with melody of his other popular songs.

A touching moment that brought tears to Amr Diab’s eyes was when he received a banner from one of the audience with photos of him and the late Magdy El-Nagar together. Amr commented that Magdy is certainly happy with his songs being out there giving joy to audience and fans all over the place.

Amr also introduced the team of his new album; Tamer Ali, Shady Hassan, Islam Zaki, to the attendees as they sang lines from the songs with their voices.

The concert was organized by Walid Mansour and sponsored by Pepsi, Egypt Air and Magnificent Magazine which was as well the event’s PR Representative, and was secured by members of the police and the armed forces.

Mousa Coast is known for hosting grand concerts featuring super stars such as Nicole Saba and Mohamed Hamaki. And for the approaching Eid-El-Adha, they’re planning a big surprise to the members of the enchanting resort.

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Photos are provided by Magnificent Magazine and captured by Fadi Gwanny (Gwannian Photography)

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