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Up-Close & Personal With DJ Chris Montana!

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_7672372_origDuring Egypt’s first International Music Festival, featuring a fabulous line-up of DJs, musicians and shows from around the world; Magnificent got the chance to chat a bit with such outstanding DJ & performer, DJ Chris Montana from Germany.. Chris has visited Egypt many times and been to Sharm, Hurghada, Cairo and Alexandria, “It’s a nice place, I love it,” he says. Read on to know more about a world-wide entertainer! 

Q. When you started DJing, did you ever think you would play in Egypt?

“I never thought I’m going to be kind of international because I started to DJ 25 years ago, a long time ago, In the beginning it was like a kind of hobby, I financed my studies with it, and fifteen years ago it became international and then suddenly I played everywhere, and I also came to Egypt and it was always a big pleasure for me.”

Q. Do you find audience here different to elsewhere?
“I’m kind of known for my style but as DJ for a long time I think I have a good feeling for the crowd, so I try always to adapt a bit to the audience. But it to doesn’t have to do with country, it’s more has to do with the venue, for example  I play in Brazil and its very underground because of the venue and the people,  and I play in Dubai and it’s kind of commercial, so I try to adapt, but it’s still Chris Montana.”

“I’ve been here (Sharm) several times before, I’ve played in Taj Mahal (Dolce Vita), I’ve been.three times to Little Buddha, which I really like…for me it’s the best place to be here, my style of music fits perfectly to this venue, I always have a very good night at Little Buddha. I’ve also been to Le Pacha, which I also like. Pacha is an international brand so I played for Pacha in Ibiza, in German, in Brazil.”

20150412_203447Q. Have you seen much of Egypt outside of those venues?

“To be honest, when I came here to DJ, I never saw a lot because I just came for one night, I came in during the day, and left the next morning. But I’ve been into Egypt two or three times before when I was a child with my parents. We did a cruise on the River Nile, we’ve been to Luxor, Aswan, the pyramids, so I’ve seen all the cultural things, but it’s like 30 years ago.”

Q. Do you have any favorite tracks at the moment?

I was working a lot in the studio lately and there are a lot of new tracks coming out, more club tracks, my new tracks are really done for the dance floor and I’m really happy, I’ve had a good response.”

Q. Is it easier or more difficult to DJ now, with so much new technology?

“To DJ it’s easier. I learned how to DJ with vinyls. I have 10,000 vinyls at home. I did it by myself. I learned it from scratch. So sometimes it’s a little bit hard to see celebrities or models, former models becoming DJs…. it’s a pretty hard competition, so it’s tough, but I’m happy to still be here,” he laughs.

Q. Like many athletes and musicians, DJs may have a limited working life span. When you started, did you think you would be a DJ for so many years?

“I ever doubted. When I was thirty, I spoke to my former girlfriend in that time and she said “Let’s build a family” and I was like “oh no, let me still do a little bit, let me still go on.” That was some time ago, but I still built up several businesses beside my DJing. It has all to do with music, but I know there is an end…it’s still going on and I enjoy it, but I have my other businesses as well so I think maybe in a few years it’s getting less DJing and more making music and all the other stuff.

Q. Do you get tired of the travelling?

“I was playing a lot till two years ago, every weekend I was in the plane. I played 50 countries in my DJ career. So two years ago I reduced it a little bit and just focused on the good things. It tires you a bit, that’s true. After a while you have to see what brings you energy and what is taking too much energy, and then you have to see…ok, this offer I accept and the others I don’t accept. Because I have a girlfriend and we are pretty close and we want to build a family, so I want to spend time with her.”

11139354_10155455774775564_1447665497284144734_nQ. Do you still feel the same passion about DJing as you did in the early years?

“Yes. For example two days ago I was playing in Kiev, Ukraine, it was a very good night. When I was playing I really, really enjoyed it and I was thinking “Is this STILL?” …It’s still good, I still feel it… so I’m happy that I still can have good gigs to have this feeling.”

Q. Speaking of Ukraine, that country has recently been through a difficult time as Egypt has, so how important do you feel music is in people’s lives?

“This may be a little bit pathetic, but music is a universal language…it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, if you have the right night and the right music you can touch everybody. I was very sorry for Egypt when I saw what was going on a few years ago and I’m so happy that it’s very stable now. If I can reach people with the music, it’s very good for me.”

“There’s a lot of new tracks coming up from me in the next months, I’m very happy about them. We have a very big party in May on Ibiza with my own record label, we’re doing electronic music and we have our own party in Ibiza which is going to be very nice. There’s too many things to mention, a positive future.”

Q. Are you a fashion follower or leader?

 “I’m in between. I always had my own style of how I choose my clothes and my fashion things. I’ve always been influenced by the island called Ibiza. I go there every summer and I always find some interesting things there which I try to adapt, but I always have my own style kind of sportive and athletic, so that’s my way – in between.”

Q. Is there anyone you think of as being a modern day Cinderella?
“In the pop scene there is Taylor Swift, she’s very famous and she’s still…she came from the country thing and now she’s doing pop things, and I think she’s still very based. She just spoke about her mother who had cancer and she’s really focused on her family and still doing big pop things. So she’s for me maybe kind of Cinderella.”


By Sue Ryan


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