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This Ramadan Dubai Delegates to Technology

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tech_71_openerTechnology has contributed to simplifying our daily lives and during Ramadan is no exception. The holy month is about worship and giving. With the tools available to us today, we can focus more on worship and less on the tasks that are of lesser importance. There are ample apps that are Ramadan focused and offer solutions to maximize your time and energy so you can focus on the spiritual elements of Ramadan., the global platform for home services, highlights the tasks that can be delegated to apps during Ramadan so you can focus on the practices of the holy month instead.

Ramadan Feasts

During Ramadan, observers break the fast at sunset with a meal usually shared with family and friends. Suhoor and iftar are special occasions and thinking of what to cook for the 30 days can become a chore. Apps such as Ramadan Recipes and Fatafeat offer delightful recipes for your to enjoy so you do not have to fret about what to cook.

Home Arrangements

Since Ramadan is an occasion to share with dear ones, households usually host iftars and welcome visitors on regular basis. While you are focused on preparing the feast of the day, let home services experts such as take care of your home. From cleaning your home before iftar to washing the dishes after, Helpling gives you the help you need during the month of gatherings.

Remember The Time

There are 5 prayer times a day, a time to start the fast and a time to break it. You can keep checking the daily newspaper to find out the timings but using an app would definitely be much easier. My Prayer is an android app that notifies you when it’s prayer time, imsak (start the fast) and iftar times. The app reads local timings and is useful during travels as well.

Zakat Al Fitr

Zakat is a donation given to the less fortunate. Zakat Al Fitr is the donation offered prior to Eid Al Fitr which commences right after Ramadan. There are plenty of charities that facilitate zakat, one of them being the philanthropic organisation and government backed Dubai Cares. Every Ramadan, Dubai Cares launches a campaign allowing people to offer Zakat through the organisation. In addition, apps such as ZakatFund make it as simple as a few clicks to donate and help people in need during the holy month.

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