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The ABCs of throwing the Best Birthday Party

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iStock_000005673618XSmallThe earliest birthday celebrations were held because people believed evil spirits were chiefly attracted to people on their birthdays. At first it was only kings who were considered important enough to have a birthday celebration. To guard them from harm, friends and family would come bringing good thoughts and wishes, as well as gifts to ward off the evil spirits. As time went by, children became included in birthday celebrations. Luckily, birthday celebrations nowadays are not restricted to any class or age group. They have become happy occasions with lots of fun, joy and happiness.

And while attending a birthday party is a joyous occasion associated with the exciting task of shopping for the right present and for the right outfit, preparing a birthday party can be equally enjoyable and rewarding. Providing you follow the right steps!


Plan Ahead

 No matter for whom you have decided to throw a birthday party, the memories that will come from it are sure to stay with your guests for many years to come, provided that it is well organized and original. Planning the perfect birthday party is not difficult, as long as you follow a few simple steps.

–        Starting with the creation of a list with the important ‘to do points’.

–         Write everything you consider relevant down, and keep the list next to you all times. So you can add and alter points as the ideas keep flowing into your head.

–          Don’t start your preparations for a few days till your list takes on the final shape and to avoid forgetting any details that can prevent you and your guests from getting maximum pleasure from the party.

Let Your Ideas Take Shape.

Depending on the age, gender and interests of the guest of honor you can choose the theme that is most suitable. Theme birthday parties have become a huge trend. Think of something that will spark the interest of the people you will be inviting. Decide on your guest list so as to have an idea of how many people to expect and to know about the best location to accommodate your group size. Remember to send out your invitations at least 2 weeks prior to the party. You can buy invitation cards from the store or you might want to create your own original cards setting the scene of your party. The invitations will include the theme, date, time and place of the party-to-be. The home option is always the cheapest, but you can also come up with a new original & affordable place. Decorate the place with some dazzling ornaments in accordance with the chosen theme.


best-party-game-everEntertain & Amuse!

 You want your guests to have fun, be amused and leave the party in a good mood. You must be well-prepared for their entertainment. If you are planning a kid’s party, have good crafts, games, activities, movies, music, and magazines available to keep everyone busy throughout the party. If you think you will not be able to act the entertainer role get someone who offers games and can get everyone going. If the party is for a grownup get a really good DJ or even a band making sure it is someone who can give you a stylish party to be long remembered.

84c0dd387cec38710304b4a6b577b304Make Them Fuller Than Full!

Serving food at a party does not only alleviate the hunger of the guests, but it is part of the entertainment program.

Plan your menu according to the age group and the theme.

–          For children parties, the food has to be kept uncomplicated. Have finger foods such as French fries, Chinese toast, spring rolls, sponge cake, pancakes, sandwiches and ice cream. Pizza is always a great treat! You can make the food yourself (cheaper but complicated) or get it catered from a restaurant you trust and have a good experience with. Also make sure you have a lot of fast food like chips cookies and cakes, and don’t forget drinks.

–             While children like their food basic and sweet, adults may want lots of flavors. There is a large palette of food ideas to choose from. The easiest birthday party affair is a cocktail style party that doesn’t involve a sit down dinner, where you can serve mixed drinks and hors d’oeuvres and your guests can get together and mingle. Or you might want to host outdoors for a BBQ party or a picnic.

The birthday cake is the integral part of the party and the center of attraction. Regardless of how you get it – make it yourself or order from a shop- try to be creative in finding a new and unconventional idea. And remember that you can turn the simplest home-made cake into a wondrous experience by using a few fancy cake decorating supplies.



adult-birthday-partyLook Your Best!

 Make sure you have a really cool outfit. If it’s your party, you want to be the center of attention. Get something that will make you stand out. And if you are just the sponsor, it is still your right to look stunning, so that you can collect compliments for organizing the party and for your good looks.

It is advisable to decide on your dress, shoes, hairstyle, etc. well ahead, so you can get your mind freed for the other, more tedious tasks. You definitely don’t want to be trying out hundreds of dressing combinations a few minutes before the start of the party.

And finally, try to look rested and wear your most charming smile keeping in mind that it’s your special day. So make sure that YOU get a GREAT time!!




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