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Four Seasons Sharm Keeps The Romance Alive!

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When February arrives, it brings along light breezes and blossoming flowers, along with blooming love as seen from the eyes of history’s greatest love icon – Saint Valentine.


On Valentine’s Day a chance for majestic love celebrations and flying romantic sparks is born – and where better to celebrate the love other than in Sharm El Sheikh; the romantic Red Sea destination. Start off the celebration at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh with an impeccable couple’s massage at the Spa – a romantic bath, a 60-minute couple’s massage and a mini facial tailored for your skin type will get you pampered, bonded and ready to celebrate love all night.


Indulge yourself as well as your partner in an extravagant five-course meal in the most romantic setup of all at Il Frantoio – overlooking the Red Sea and succumbing to the light breeze blowing on the dim-lit candles all around. Tantalize all your other senses along with your taste-buds while to listening to the music soft tunes long into the night, and hand-picked red roses subtly decorate your dining set-up and flame up the night’s romance.


Keep the love alive for as long as you can, because this is a night you are always going to remember; head up to your room where homemade chocolates and fancy sweets to forever keep the moment alive will be spread out for you and your valentine’s – to keep your royal love-theme glistening for years to come.

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