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Crack the Cage & Calm the Rage! Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

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Taking risks might seem scary, a ship at the harbor is safe but this is not what ships are built for! Likewise is the human soul; we are meant to step out crack the cage and explore!! A Comfort Zone is a beautiful place to live in, but nothing ever grows there. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!!


To break out of your comfort zone, you need first to know its real definition, well scientifically, a comfort zone is “ a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress.


Well simply your comfort zone is “anything you are used to do in your daily life, simple routine stuff like waking up early, going to work, meeting your work mates, meeting your relatives, taking care of the children, etc. It’s the daily routine that makes the person feel secure and at ease. Any other stuff out of that comfort zone might ignite stress, anxiety and the fear to be exposed to change.


If you are willing to be a different you for a while and need a simple push, then check out those helpful tips!


1- Be Open to Change: Welcome Change, accept it and not only accept it but enjoy it too. Even if it sounds risky and different, why not get your guts and try something new and different? It’s worth the trial!


2- Face Your Fears: What holds us back mostly is the fear of the unknown; usually because it might not meet our expectations. But how about living with the motto of “No Expectations, No Disappointment!”


3- Take Risks: Entrepreneurs are very few in our life, because they are the bravest ones who followed their instincts and were so courageous to face all the consequences for their own decisions. But you know what? They did it! They managed to leave a legacy. They proved to be more than just existing creatures. They made a difference in their lives as well as ours!


4- Be a Different You For a While: Don’t judge yourself from other people’s point of view. Don’t let people be your own compass to facing life. Be your own leader and your own criticizer. Sometimes all what you need is to breathe and get out of the tedious life cycle you created. Go crazy from time to time, explore new skills, new adventures, meet new people, go to new places. The sky is your limit you know.


5- Stop Overthinking: Overthinking is like a bomb on standby to explode your head off anytime you give it the chance to. It can turn small problems into disasters in your head. You would fear to face life, trust anyone, and be able to expose your real self to others. Avoiding it is key to your peace of mind.


“Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” But how can we obtain this peace?!


 “Peace of Mind” may sound like a myth in this tough life. But it’s not! It’s about you finding your real talents; the simple things you enjoy doing the most! So chill and relax and enjoy paving the way to peace!!

1- Talk to Yourself Every Now and Then: Well, even if it sounds crazy, just ignore all the outside noise! You need to be friends with yourself to be able to reach that state of peace of mind. You need to get introduced to yourself with more depth. Know what really makes you happy; what really brings the best out of you. Be your true motivator and criticizer!


2- Get Your Inside Out: Your inside could be out through exposing your real talent to the world! You might have a lovely voice, you might be an excellent negotiator, an amazing artist, you might inspire people with your words and be a famous writer!! Yes believe in yourself, for sure you have something inside to bring out to the whole world, just don’t hesitate and express it.


3- Explore New Experiences: Explore new fun activities to do; it could be Zumba dancing, Yoga, or even going to funfairs with your friends. Explore new places; explore nature, different cultures and different destinations. This might end up helping you shape your life goals.


4- Stay Away From Toxic Atmosphere: Any kind of atmosphere that would hold you back from enjoying the life ride, even if life is tough we have to teach ourselves to deal with it in different fun ways.


5- Read to Lead: Read in any field you like, gather information about all what you are interested in. Reading enriches your soul and mind and exposes you to worlds that you may have never seen or heard about before.


6- Destroy Routine: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try Routine, it is lethal” Said Paulo Coelho. Destroy the routine that threatens your creativity, or limit your ambitions. Go travel. Be daring. Do something adventurous and out of your comfort zone. Go windsurfing, deep diving, parasailing, mountain climbing or sky diving! There are many options out there, make a pick and release the bottled up tension.  you deserve to be happy and to enjoy life!


7- Smile to Yourself at the Mirror: Even if there is no logical reason to smile; just cuddle yourself for a while and look at the mirror and smile, and maybe try to laugh loudly if you could. But be aware not to do it front of people or they might think you are going nuts!


For every minute of anger you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind… Let go of the rage, you’re worth that peace!


By Sarah Osman

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