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Unwind Without Unplugging With LG!

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Do you remember summer holidays as a kid? Getting out of school and looking forward to seeing nothing but freedom, sunshine and summer fun for the next several months?

Life seemed so much simpler then, partly because it was easier to escape the daily grind. The ubiquity of technology in daily life has stretched working hours and ratcheted up stress for millions around the globe.


Though the influx of technology was originally seen as a way to increase productivity and improve the work-life balance, it has become a tenant of faith among most critics of modernity that our increasingly wired lives have resulted innothing but additional stress.


While the modern technological ecosystem is far from perfect, these criticisms are a severe oversimplification. Technology can be friend or foe, it all comes down to how we implement the latest breakthroughs into our daily lives. For evidence that technology can help us relax, look no further than its incredible impact on how we take vacations.


Technology can help us get the most out of our vacation time. Wearables provide updates that improve the vacation experience while select ashcan aid with every aspect of a trip. While there may be some benefits to totally unplugging, the arbitrary division between higher connectivity and stress-free travel is coming to be seen by more and more as a false choice. For business trips or personal getaways, technology and connectivity can be the solution to your stress.



Connected Travel

Mobile apps such as Airbnb, Uber, andExpedia, enhance the travel experience by heightening convenience and helping tourists save money. Instead of opting for traditional package tours, travellers can now easily immerse themselves in their destination with the help of connected technology. In addition to maps that prevent travellers from getting lost, they can immediately search for the best places to eat and visit using social media, blogs and online reviews.


The smartphone is an essential accessory for modern travellers looking to stay connected, and the LG G6 is designed to make it easier than ever for travellers to stay connected to their home, work, and surroundings no matter where they are.


The G6 offers everything today’s connected traveller needs, making it possible for users to seamlessly take and share photographs, check their schedules, search for directions and more. The phone fits in one hand despite its large screen and is built to withstand unexpected accidents. These features makes it the ideal travel companion for everything from beach bumming to intense outdoor treks and urban exploration.


Stress Free Vacations

With work continuing to eat up ever more personal time, the line between the office and the home is blurring. A recent report found that 80 percent of Americans spend time checking emails and answering phone calls after normal work hours. The constant pressure from the office makes it essential for employees to make time to relax, leading to the emergence of bleisure,the increasingly common trend of combining business trips with leisure travel. As more and more people use vacations to unwind, LG’s home appliances guarantee the safety of the home with its security and monitoring features, giving travellers less to worry about while they make the most of their time abroad.


The Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner features HomeView™ for real-time monitoring and HomeGuard™ which automatically sends photos whenever movement is detected. Similarly, the SmartThinQ™ sensor turns home devices into smart connected appliances, and is also capable of providing alerts whenever doors and windows are opened. SmartThinQ™ smartphone application ties LG’s smart technology together, allowing consumers remote access to all their smart home appliances and ensuring that homes remain clean and safe while they are out of town.


Here to Stay: The Staycation

Taking away the stress of planning, wasted travel time, budget constraints and all the things that can possibly go wrong abroad, staycationers choose to simply unwind in the comfort of their home or neighbourhood. This makes it possible to catch up on much needed sleep, watch movies, camp out in the backyard, visit a museum, enjoy local cuisine, or visit nearby trendy hotspots. Offering the same benefits as a vacation without any of the disadvantages, staycations are also better for the environment and can even help the local economy.


LG’s home entertainment products provide exceptional quality and performance for staycationers looking to catch up on their favourite content anywhere in the home (or even outside it). LG’s 4K UHD Blu-ray Player supports Dolby Vision™ HDR imaging, transforming the TV experience with greater brightness and contrast. The ProBeamlaser projector makes it possible for viewers to enjoy video content even in a bright room, while its slim design enhances portability and allows it to be paired with any Bluetooth audio solution.

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