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A Journey of a Bride to Be!

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W3With one month to my wedding, I can tell you that the situation was getting a little brighter considering my overwhelming wedding preparations that are getting to be settled so far!


Throughout my journey I was dazzled by tons of stuff that I was never into before. And I can tell you that it’s much easier to learn what not to do! Than learning what to do (I believe I wasted some time in misleading steps)



I think that the whole point is about:

1st setting your priorities

2nd knowing which of the available options will suit you most or in other words tailor yourself to the most available offers. You shouldn’t be sticking to one opinion, Believe me it’s all about Compromises!

3rd Start making a list with your responsibilities.


1st Station: Choosing the Place

My Priority: Indoor wedding, need a large hall for about 250 guests, near place is preferable .Reasonable prices are preferable.

My options were limited to different hotels..

My Mistake: Wasting time and energy in looking in far places.

My Advice: Do not give yourself the chance to hesitate. It’s a dreadful feeling after all ‘nd nothing worth having negative feelings while preparing for your wedding. Instead you should enjoy every second.

-Pay attention to pricing and accessibility as these two factors are often decision makers for brides.

– Bear in mind that having an indoor wedding party help you avoid weather issues.

My Choice went to one of the hotels which was almost near to everybody. I generally liked the place. Yet, It took me a long time to make my final decision!


W12nd Station :Decoration

Wedding Theme:

It’s said that once you’ve chosen your wedding theme, it’s easier to coordinate your decorations, favors, flowers, dresses, menu and all the other items required when it revolves around a theme. Ex. for wedding themes: Classic Victorian wedding, with carriage rides, think pink wedding theme, disco wedding theme…etc.


Bright colours like orange and turquoise are very popular this year, any way you can choose your favorite colour wether it is fashionable or not. It’s your day! Thereby, your colors! Remember that the colours should reflect your own personal taste and the way you perceive this event in the first place.

Ceiling decoration:

d6f0d83313c665129cd675b3c4d4bb0bI believe that ceiling wedding decoration takes a wedding from ordinary to amazing. They will distract your guests and give your room a classy sophistication.

As for the things I’ve seen this year in fashion for ceiling décor, crystals and white flowers were among the most popular, definitely, looking awesome!

The point is, believe it or not, they are much more expensive when compared to lights decoration specially, flowers. Any way, concerning my wedding, I’ve went to the lights for sure, I like the fact that they look geart when they turn off lights every now and then during the wedding.

Other point that, you don’t have to decorate the whole ceiling. You can make your decision that decorating the dance floor ceiling is enough. In short, go with compromises.


For some reason I was never much concerned with centerpieces. I think that gussets do not usually notice their presence! To say the truth my priority went to the ceiling décor. Any way, I’ve seen wonderful pieces. I even loved those long ones with crystals hanging from them.

Shockingly, this year I’ve seen fish jars on wedding tables! It’s your choice in the end. As for me, I preferred a cute simple bunch of flowers with a candle ( As most of the budget went to the ceiling decoration!)

High Tables:

One word…Cool! High tables and lounges are becoming on of the tops of -these days- fashion. If most of the guests are young people, they are gonna love them for sure.

Glass Tables:

You should see them in a real wedding to have a better judgment! They look much better in reality than in photos. However you can add make enough of 2 or 4 glass tables just to include their modern look in your wedding if you really like them yet, are concerned about your budget.

My priority: Ceiling decoration!

My choice: I haven’t made my mind yet!! I know the items I want. However, still didn’t decide who is going to make my big day’s decoration. Hopefully, I will decide in a week or something!



3rd Station: Wedding Dress:

s-l1000When it comes to choosing your wedding dress-the most exciting part in preparing for your wedding- , bear in mind that you should go for the style that suits your body type best.

Hourglass: Two-piece and corset dresses enhance the hourglass figure.  Anything that accentuates the bride’s waist is in.

Pear-Shaped. A-line princess dresses disguise fuller hips and the pear shaped body types best.

Petite: Clean, unbroken contours without too much fabric tend to elongate. Big Ball gowns and mermaid wedding dress shapes can overwhelm.

Tall: From ball gowns, princess line and A- line wedding dresses, straight bridal dresses and mermaid dresses; all are great for the tall bride who can carry almost any dress style.  Avoid empire line dresses that can look almost “tent like”. Avoid wedding flowers or bouquets that are too small or large

Fuller Waist: Princess-line and drop waist wedding dresses are most flattering. Draw the eye up with stunning bridal and wedding accessories.

A-line dress              Empire                   Mermaid               Ball Gown


My adviceWithout being a bridzella, Allow for alterations!

-Make peace with alterations in both budgeting, time planning and for sure in your dress as well! (Especially if you have a dress designed especially for you)

-Have faith in your judgments; once you have decided which dress is the one, there is no need to continue looking at other dresses.

My choice: I went for the ball gown dress since it suits most body types- I think most brides go for it as well. In fact, Ball gown wedding dress is suitable for most body shapes. Generally make the bride’s waistline look slim while camouflaging larger lower body. My dress was designed only for me; other brides find the idea of choosing a dress for rent more feasible.


4th  Station: Make-Up

bridal-makeup-tips-620x423My advice: Practice makes perfect

Whether you are having your makeup done professionally or you are doing it yourself! , practice is the key to achieving your perfect look. Make sure you prepare for a session with your makeup artist before your wedding. You will need to make sure that both of you are on the same page.  You have all the right to be comfortable to the make up you’re wearing on your big day.

N.B: During my journey, I found out that many make up artists-especially famous ones- don’t allow for a trail session!! Any way, if you won’t have this chance, you sit with your artist and tell her/him your broad lines, give your trust and make sure that she/he arrives little earlier just in case that you add modifications in your big day’s make up.

Besides, do not panic if your make up artist is late and you are not done yet. Do not think of anything except showing up to everyone in the figure that you are most comfortable with.

My choice: I was blessed with a talented make up artist in my family. Luckily, she was my sister. I had the chance for many trial sessions. Any way, in my engagement party my sister hadn’t been on the professional route yet. So I had some experience with make up artists.


5th Station: Veil

il_570xN.254883683My advice:

The first step to discovering your perfect wedding day hair or cover –if you are veiled-   is to look through wedding guides and hairstyle magazines; you can also check Facebook groups for veil designers. This will give you an idea of what you like and what you don’t like, which you can take to your stylist when you go for your trial.

Two types of veils grabbed my attention:

The pouf veil has gathered material at the point where it connects to the headpiece, creating added volume. This style is perfect if you want to create a dramatic look with your veil. This style can also be used with many of the veil lengths and looks great as a double tier veil.

This long veil flows from your headpiece down to your ankles. The waltz veil is a good option if you want to wear a long veil.

My choice:

As for me, since I’m veiled I found a veil designer on Facebook, I called her and set an appointment for a trial. She asked me to bring some materials and accessories. I think my trial with went successful so far. I decided to choose the short veil. I wanted to add volume to my face, so I chose the pouf veil.


6th Station: Photographer

photog (112)My advice: Sit with your photographer before your wedding

-If you think it’s enough to see some work of your photographer, let me tell you that you are going into a huge risk!

– Don’t be impressed by famous photographers unless you sit with him/her , start telling your ideas, you can even suggest positions, show him/her your favorite photos with your groom-may be from your engagement party- You can also tell him/her what you liked or disliked in previews photos.


At the end, I wish that my journey have been helpful for many brides to be. Memories of one’s wedding last for a life time. All what you want is to feel great once you go back to these memories. It’s not difficult. You have all the chance to make this happen. Just Go ahead.



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