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Mastering the Art of ‘Positive Vibes’ at Home!

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Do you know that some houses have bad energy? Have you considered the idea of “changing the energy of your place”? I know, that might seem a bit weird and out of reach. But there is the fact that energy is everywhere and everything around us is made up of energy. Science proves that energy is neither created nor destroyed. However, to attract positive things in your life, you have to start by giving off positive energy by adding positive decor to your home.

No matter what kind of vibe it’s in your place, change can attract good vibrations. Don’t worry, you don’t need to turn your home upside down to welcome new energy. Just by making some changes to the space around; you can add harmony, beauty and peace to your surroundings.

In this article, we will try to attract good vibes through the senses: sight, sound and smell; so whether you are having a new home or want to change the energy of your old one, you are invited to keep going through this. Here are our ideas to add zest to your place!

 Opt for Vibrant COLORS for Positive Decor

Trends come and go, but choosing the right color that reflects your preferences and personality is what really counts. Colors bring different energy to the space influencing our moods and thoughts. The reaction to a certain color differs from one person to the other; so you should choose what feels right for you. However, you gotta keep in mind that each color has a psychological value that ranges from tranquility to rage.

Red welcomes prosperity and adds warmth and love to the place. It can be especially nice in the meeting areas of your home, but too much can invite anger.

Green is a healing and nurturing color, but overdoing green can induce laziness.

Blue is calming and peaceful, but too much blue may attract depressive energy.

Orange gives warmth and enthusiasm, but too much may cause restlessness.

White brings positive energy to the home, but many whites can be overstimulating.

Black can absorb negative energy but make sure to offset it with plenty of bright colors.

Mix and match colors until you find the ones that speak to you. Put into consideration that too many colors can make a room look busy or cluttered, so limit the number of colors in a room to no more than three!

 Enhance the Lighting Factor

As we all are psychologically programmed to move toward light, lighting is probably the most important element to create the right mood. Good lighting adds warmth and personality to any place. And one of the simplest ways to brighten your house, at no cost, is windows; as they add a distinctive inviting ambience. Open your windows every morning for a few minutes to have sunlight in. Sunlight is known to be a source of high natural vibrational energy that helps in refreshing the air and increasing oxygen levels inside the house, thus improving your health and making you feel more energized.

To achieve optimal lighting at your house, you can use built-in lights as an excellent complement to lamps. Make sure that gathering spaces are well-lit; creating an inviting and welcoming environment. Customize your home lighting system and don’t forget about halls, kitchen counters and closets as they should have proper lighting as well. Learn that home lighting can positively stimulate your emotional side and help provide an aura of calm.

Exhilarate the Sense of Smell

Experiencing good vibes through the sense of smell is another technique to feel positive at your home. Pleasant fragrances help you take your mind off the daily stress and stay focused.

To purify your home and fill the air with stimulating scents, add plenty of fresh flowers. They add a beautiful splash that welcomes fresh vibes to the place.

Burning candles and incense is another way to increase positive vibrations and soothe the mind. Keep your indoors fresh with natural scents such as sandalwood, amber, pine, rosemary and lavender. Avoid artificial or perfumed incense and fresheners; they only pump chemicals and bad vibes into the place.

Wash smelly clothes right away and keep your pet beds clean. This will help you keep the air inside your home clean and fresh.

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