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All About Bridesmaids!

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Mismatched Bridesmaids DressesWe’ve all seen the movie “27 dresses”, where Katherine has done a remarkable job in making us see the bridesmaid’s duties and obligation.


The emergence of bridesmaids has only taken place a few years ago here in Egypt, and met its popularity and approval. The thing is that as usual we take all the western traditions and trends without seeing or trying to know how it was created or why.


Because we don’t want you to be clueless, we’ll give you here the history of bridesmaids, how the tradition began? Why? And even how to be the perfect bridesmaid when the time comes…..


When & Why? 

It all began with the Romans, Yes, that long ago?! The bridesmaids were used to form a kind of protective shield accompanying the bride to the groom’s village to protect her from anyone who might try to hurt her or steal her dowry.


The western bridesmaid tradition, However, seems to have originated from a Roman law which required ten witnesses in order to out smart the evil spirits believed to attend wedding ceremonies at that time. That is why the bridesmaids’ dresses are always close to the elegance and beauty of the bride’s. It’s to confuse the evil spirits as they wouldn’t know which is getting married.


How the Bridesmaid are Chosen? 

The bridesmaids are the wedding’s most-trusted faithful and caring attendants. They are usually the closest relatives or friends to the bride because it is very important for the bride to feel the comfort and security towards her bridesmaids.


How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid? 

Being a bridesmaid is not necessarily an easy task. It’s fun yeah, HELL YEAH, but it needs to be handled with delicacy and awareness. It’s always better to bear in mind that it’s the bride’s special day, and that as much as it’s special and romantic, it can be very stressful and nerve racking (Not to mention all the evil spirits stuff).

The main task of the bridesmaid was and will forever be to make the bride happy and relaxed which, trust me, will be harder than you think.


What are Bridesmaid’s Tasks? 

There are certain things a bridesmaid should do for the bride on her wedding day. as we agreed, the whole day evolves around the bride so if she gets too bossy or becomes a control freak, don’t get offend! The best way to handle this job without anyone getting hurt emotionally or physically (and by physically of course we mean the bridesmaid) is to sit with the bride in advance and start dividing the chores among you. And because we don’t want you to have a heart attack when you look at your-to-do list, here are the common things that a bridesmaid is bound to do.



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