Thursday, January 18

Your Guide to The Art of Gifting!!

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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving!”

This was said by one of the most generous givers of all times, Mother Teresa. And it’s clearly true! Happiness doesn’t strike a receiver as much as the giver, yet sometimes it’s a hassle and you just get lost. What does he like? What will wow her? What will lift his soul up? What will make her day? Does it have to be expensive or a simple gift will just do the magic?!

Well, I was roaming around asking people about the best gift they ever received and why; and I got some interesting feedbacks! One of the girls announced her “Birthday Cake in 2013” as her favorite; because it was personalized into “some books, a piano, cup of coffee, iPod and a couple of music notes”; which was a bunch of her favorite things. Conclusion: It’s true that the thought put into gifts helps them turn glorious, and knowing your friends or partners’ interests ease up the process a whole lot.

Another gorgeous lady “M.M” said that her favorite gift was the sunglasses her bestie got her, when her leg was broken and she wasn’t allowed to leave home. It’s not the gift itself that was overwhelming but the way she managed to surprise her friend. She also sent her a dress while she was in Canada just as a reminder that distance means so little when someone means so much.

Encouraging gifts are motivators that keep you pushing, as M.A. mentioned her favorite gift was headphones of a well-known brand given to her by her best friend. She added that without those headphones, she wouldn’t have started recording and approaching her long-awaited journey of following her dream.

Many of the replies revealed that the greatest gifts of all times were a loving partner or divine kids. Those kinds of gifts are just priceless and are blessings from above. One of the answers that really touched my heart was by a guy “H.E.” who said “Best gift was J. my wife. God sent her to save me from the path I was taking after a very troubling time in my life; a time when I lost faith and hope. She rescued me. She is my hero!”  FYI this guy isn’t a hopeless romantic or anything, he just had to admit his love and appreciation of his adorable wife.

The ultimate gift that I have ever received was a video edited by my husband on our first anniversary; created with bits and pieces of videos and photos of unforgettable memories of our first year. He took some days off to create it and worked when I slept so as to surprise me.

The love feelings sneak so easily to the heart when it is personally created from the heart.

Small acts always have deep impacts. Especially when there is a weary soul that needs to be lifted; and that what I managed to achieve when my husband’s dad passed away… I surprised him with Simba, our beloved golden retriever to lighten up his burdens and spread the happiness vibes around. I can still remember his face when I met him holding that little cute puppy. At first he thought it’s a mushy toy and then realized it’s a little golden retriever; just for him. Words will never describe the smile on his face. It was brighter than a million dollar winner’s, his laughter just filled the place, and I couldn’t wish for more.

Taking care of the little details can an easy guide to what your spouse/partner really loves. The kind of media posts he shares, the type of outfits she always hints on but are somehow pricy for her to buy, the videos he keeps bringing to your attention; those are all ways to help you get your loved ones the best ever gifts! Is he an artist and would be impressed with a collection of inventive tools to boost his art? Does she love to cook and would appreciate some cooking books or utensils? If your giftee has a Pinterest account; stop wasting everyone’s time, get on their page, and buy the stuff they have pinned.

Clues always exist somewhere. Sometimes obvious, yet other times it’s hidden between the lines. Learn to listen more… don’t just hear. Be genuine, sarcastic, intelligent, artistic or sentimental. Add your own inside jokes. Personalize your gifts according to the receiver’s preferences and likes. This can include sports teams, jewelry, handmade items, music and television shows.

Consider things like: Does this person enjoy experiences more than things? Are they into practical stuff? Or are they also interested in things that have a decorative function: photos, paintings, sports or memorabilia.

There is no wrong or right or an ultimate gift guide; everyone is exceptional so just keep an eye on the details and you will never need guidance or lose your way to what to gift.

Pay much attention to the way you present your gift. It’s the wrappings, boxes or gift bags that give the first impression. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just a reasonless gift _which is my favorite; consider the surrounding platform. Is it a romantic event that needs to be enclosed with candles and rose petals or a fun surprise that shouts out balloons and glitters? Let your inner creativity shine and you will always amaze the gift receiver.

Once you have your gift, write a note. I take card-giving more seriously than gift-giving. I have made plenty of handcrafted cards each year that my friends were eager to receive. You don’t have to put this much effort into it, but you should put some thought into what you write. If you are poetic, hilarious or sarcastic; it’s a bonus. You can refer to a specific memory or tell them how much they mean to you, but always include a card.

Being thoughtful doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes a little planning and some attention to the interests of your loved ones. There is absolutely no reason to not give thoughtful gifts, yet never forget that the greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper, but in the heart!

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