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Attract Her to Your Nest!

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Since the caveman era till today, men have been inventing tricks and developing strategies to attract women to their nests. However, there has always been a missing ingredient in the formula; types of women. Like countries, each woman has her own color and language. The list of types is endless, nevertheless, these types fall under some major categories shared by many women. Though each woman has within her bits and pieces of each category, some qualities are usually dominant over the rest. To approach a woman, man has to understand her type, so it’s time to teach the caveman some tricks on reading riddles!

The Angelic Innocent

She is that woman who reminds you of a child the first time you eyes lay on her: her smile is pure, her eyes are innocent and her face is angelic. She is a lot like a child in her actions, and she can be so fragile that you won’t have the guts to hurt her. This woman wants the all-knowing man; a teacher who can show her the world. She needs a man who knows all the dark sides of life, but still, protects her from the whole world including himself.

The Seductive

She is the woman of all women; the source of femininity and the root of passion. She hardly falls in love, because, she is used to playing the puppeteer. She can unveil man’s deepest sides in a glance. This woman loves the mysterious man who can evoke in her a sense of trust; open books are not her cup of tea! Don’t ignore her, but stay out of her reach, till she decides to get you at any cost. At this stage, see the human in her, rather than the female; treat the child in her and pamper it, rather than seek the woman’s passion. Recognize her with eyes that are different from other men’s. When she becomes the child in your arms, you both will know; this is love. Nonetheless, don’t try to mess with this woman; for you’ll be digging your won grave if you “dare to play forbidden games with a woman who (knows) the dark side of the moon.” *

The Sophisticated Philosopher

Glasses and a book, is not always how you discover her! She’s the one with those deep eyes of a rover; restless in soul and mind as she is watching, learning and searching for meanings and answers all the time. Treat her as a Barbie doll and you are on the right track to lose her, disrespect her mentality and you are doomed! She will love it if you praise her beauty, but she wants a man who sees beyond the looks. She needs an intellectual rival; one who acknowledges her opinions, ideas and mental abilities, but still disagrees with her from time to time. To attract her, find common interests; things that you both can discuss. Arouse her interest regarding issues about which she lacks knowledge to provoke her intellect, but be careful for this woman can tell if the man is a real man of knowledge or a cultural fraud!

The Practical Businesswoman

She is not necessarily a businesswoman; she is simply a woman who is greatly successful in her professional life and is usually very practical. This woman knows no such a word as failure, and has no place for losers on her map. She needs a man who understands how sacred her professional life is, and supports her to achieve her goals. If the man is not successful enough to cope with this dynamic woman, he better quits the match; for there will be no game, to start with!

The Dreamy Romantic

She is the fairy tale princess; a woman who longs for heroism, chivalry and idealism. She is quite the opposite of materialism; she is the dream! This woman loves without a calculator, so she doesn’t develop feelings for someone unless she has their seeds in her heart before the man approaches her to brag about his merits. She’s capable of platonic love, so she doesn’t need you around all the time; she needs a space to find you in her dreams; keep her in the sky! She believes in justice, freedom and, above all, she highly values honesty. She dreams of a man who can love her for who she is, regardless of any materialistic criteria. Cheesy romance is not her type; if you give her worn out love words and expressions, she won’t consider them worthy or genuine. Don’t drown her with feelings; she wants you to show your love, but not excessively, because, for her emotional excessiveness is feminine! She’s dreaming of a knight riding a horse and carrying his sword, so let her feel her weakness in your strength. She needs a man who fights for her, protects her and crowns her the queen of his heart. She prefers flowers to fancy presents, and a walk by the sea to dinner at the most expensive restaurants in town. For her, there is only one man, so she keeps herself away from the fuss of relationships till she finds him.

The Tomboy

If you meet a girl who is a big fan of soccer, and would greet you as “hey, what’s up dude!” she is the tomboy, for sure. She’s funny, outgoing, cheerful and quite explicit about her feelings. She’ll be your best friend; as she can understand you as a man, and share you all your interests as a man! What it takes to get this girl, is simply loving her just the way she is and being always straight with her.

Finally, the key to any woman’s heart is quite a simple word; LOVE!

* ” for he did not dare to play forbidden games with a woman who had proven too many times that she knew the dark side of the moon.” Gabriel Gracía Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera P. 358 © 1988 by Gabriel Gracía Márquez.

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