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Uber and Nacita Launch UberRESCUE in Sahel!

Uber Egypt and Nacita Auto Care launch UberRESCUE, the on-demand rescue service in Sahel this summer. Starting June 26th, Uber users in Sahel will be able to ask for on-demand support from maintenance with a vehicle to safety issues on the road, at a push of a button.   Uber Egypt is committed to provide the best on-demand mobility experience to its customers, drivers and riders, as well as contribute to make Egyptian roads safer every day.
Crack the Cage & Calm the Rage! Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Taking risks might seem scary, a ship at the harbor is safe but this is not what ships are built for! Likewise is the human soul; we are meant to step out crack the cage and explore!! A Comfort Zone is a beautiful place to live in, but nothing ever grows there. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!!   To break out of your comfort zone, you need first to know its real definition,
Jungle Aqua Park Hurghada Receives Kids Swimming Paradise Tip!

Jungle Aqua Park; the amazing resort offering endless choices on the Red Sea coast _best known for the largest water theme park in Hurghada; has been selected for the Kids Swimming Paradise Tip! Quality Mark 2017 as one of the best places for a child-friendly swim paradise holiday in the category Aqua park Worldwide.   Every year, Holland’s and Europe’s best accommodations with the most child-friendly facilities offering the best water fun, slides and activities get awarded by the Kids Swimming
8 Basic Tips to Undo Summer Damage on Your Locks!

Summer is all about going to the beach and having fun. But the sun, salt & sand show no mercy on your hair and skin. They create clogged pores, dull tone and damaged locks! Hair Care is particularly important in summer because it is the time of swimming in the pool and lying out in the sun; which can be harmful to your hair. So we have rounded up a few tips to undo the
Your Cooler = Sephora & Mazaya!

Pain is beauty, or so that horrifying saying goes. But today it seems more like money is beauty. With an endless myriad of expensive beauty products on the market, you could easily spend a whole paycheck on creams, lotions, tonics and tinctures claiming to erase every flaw. But there’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars on skin care products at high-end beauty stores any more. All the premium skin treatments you need; face washes,
How To.. Rock The Floral Trend!

Floral is the perfect complement to any woman. Floral prints with bright colors, beautiful designs and gorgeous patterns are sure to cheer you up and make you look stunning. So pick your dazzling print and pair it with cardigan, shoes, belt, hat or purse; and be ready to go rock the place! But first take those basic guidelines into account: With so many types of floral prints to choose from, it’s important to choose a pattern
Dress like ‘PRADA’ with merely ‘NADA’

In case you are wondering, what the hell is NADA; it actually means NOTHING in most Latin-derived languages. Let’s face it; dressing Prada is only affordable during very very limited occasions, yet, who doesn’t want to be the next Kendall Jenner. Well, just so we all know, the finest celebrities wardrobes are at least 90% non-Prada. So let’s find out how that is possible! * Stay a mile away from clothes that don’t fit! It
The Magic of LETTING GO!

An intriguing question always pop up to head when it comes to compassion and forgiveness in this wonderful month of Ramdan... Does letting go necessarily mean to forgive? Some people spend their lives either trying to bury their heads in the sand or stand in the face of everything and everyone, including themselves. Others believe that “time is the best healer”… while in fact time is not always enough to heal when there’s an absence of
Welad El Zawaat Light Ramadan Nights at JW Marriot Cairo!

A perfect Ramadan season made complete with the fabulous opening of Welad El Zawat Ramadan venue decorated in warm and inviting colors at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, where some of the city’s sparkliest joined for a delicious sohour overlooking the beautiful golf course. The launch party featured Oriental dishes, delectable desserts and endless range of flavored Shisha, in addition to enjoying Ramadan whirlwind of classic Arabic music with the authentic takht while watching Ramadan series. Mr. Magdy
Dressing Floral for Ramadan With Selma Benomar Caftan Collection!

Perfect in time for Ramadan season, Selma Benomar _the renowned Moroccan caftan label founded in 2012,  has just launched her latest collection with an intense perception of vivid flowers of nature. The range showcases the luxurious caftans based on Selma’s unique perception of flowers and her inspirations that arises from this color palette.   With floral couture an essential part of the fashion theme of the brand, this range in particular is heavily influenced by rare flowers.