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The 24 Rules of Seduction!!

You have managed to choose your next prey; an interesting woman who is good looking, well educated, intellectual, and sophisticated. She seems too confident to fall for your standard seductive techniques. She never really reacts or even acknowledges your attempts. So, you get closer; befriend her, figure out more about her insecurities and the things that make her just a little bit less confident. You provide this false sense of security to overcompensate her insecurities,
Toyota Unveils The All-New Fortuner With Refined Style & Comfort!

Toyota has just announced the launch of the 2018 Fortuner in Egypt to unveil a second-generation model, which builds on its heritage of being a durable sport utility vehicle (SUV) with impressive off-road capabilities. With the new Fortuner, Toyota has focused on creating a more distinctive, sleek and powerful design while improving performance and adding a wide variety of features to increase convenience, safety and ride comfort.   Sharing Toyota’s development philosophy for the vehicle, the Fortuner’s Chief
Cairo Fashion Nights’ 7th Edition at The Cairo Marriott Hotel!

The Cairo Marriott hotel partnered up with Pashion magazine for the second time to relive a one-of-a-kind shopping experience at the 7th edition of Cairo Fashion Nights. The event was held on the third floor of Al Gezirah tower and rooms were converted to shopping displays of the best designers in town… The event was inspired by Alta Roma’s “Room Service” event and so when the choice came to the venue, the exciting option was
Tried & Tested Ways to Get the Most out of Your Roses!

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bunch of roses after hearing that mysterious knock at the door... Roses we know, are a heart-warming gesture with a bittersweet end. After admiring them blissfully for 7 - 10 days, we're left helpless as we go on to witness their inevitable demise. If you're looking for a way to defy the clock and make your stunning blooms stay vibrant and stay fresh for a few more days,
Muna Jama Bends the Bikini Rule in Miss Universe Pageant!

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise and not only rise but climb on her own way without being obligated to follow rules or previous leads. Muna Jama, the British Muslim model turned heads all around the social media world making history of being the first woman to compete in Miss Universe pageant without wearing a Bikini in the swimwear round, instead she wore a multi-coloured  kaftan, large hooped earrings, a
Feng Shui Your Place To Harmony!

Do you feel that the energy in your home isn’t positive? Your office isn’t the right place to progress your work… Chances are their Yin-Yang components are out of balance. Ask yourself, do you feel that your bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary, your favorite spot of retreat and an irresistible love nest… If not, then you need to change your bedroom’s Feng Shui. The same goes for any other place in your home. There are
14 Must-Try Laid-Back Beauty Hacks!

It's summer again!! It's time to relax and layback. So you want to look stunningly, yet you’re way too lazy or busy having fun to put time into it?! No problem, we’re gonna share with you the secrets to looking great in almost no time!.  So let's get started with these effortless makeover hacks!   1- No Foundation … No Problem If foundation is not your thing, then all you need is a good BB cream. You can
Your Cooler = Sephora & Mazaya!

Pain is beauty, or so that horrifying saying goes. But today it seems more like money is beauty. With an endless myriad of expensive beauty products on the market, you could easily spend a whole paycheck on creams, lotions, tonics and tinctures claiming to erase every flaw. But there’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars on skin care products at high-end beauty stores any more. All the premium skin treatments you need; face washes,
Your Healthy Self Guide to Heal Thy Self!

You look at yourself in the mirror and you feel like: Oh my God, why do I look like that?! You decide you had enough swearing to start a diet plan right away! Then you think; maybe not particularly today, maybe tomorrow; but “Tomorrow” never comes!   Have you ever been in a similar situation?! Did you try, multiple times, to follow a diet plan and couldn’t resist the guilty pleasure of savoring that delicious cake or
Visionary Expansion for Steigenberger with Cairo Pyramids Hotel!

“Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts” the hospitality arm of "Deutsche Hospitality" unveiled the plan of adding “Cairo Pyramids Hotel” to its prestigious portfolio in Egypt. The hotel is only footsteps away from the Great Pyramids of Giza, and also on a walking distance from GEM “Grand Egyptian Museum”. It is where the glamorous history of Egypt and its world famous hospitality meet.   The hotel is a perfect starting point for sightseeing, relaxation and business meetings alike, featuring elegantly