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Ed Sheeran Concert in Dubai Sells Out in Hours!

Now this is something that has never been seen before in the UAE; a record-breaking and fast-paced concert sell out!  After an unprecedented pre-sale rush, all ticket categories for Ed Sheeran Concert in Dubai were declared completely sold out, and now everyone is super thrilled to see Ed Sheeran on November 23rd at the Autism Rocks Arena.   "In my 17 years of staging shows here in the Middle East I have never seen such a fantastic pre registration
The 24 Rules of Seduction!!

You have managed to choose your next prey; an interesting woman who is good looking, well educated, intellectual, and sophisticated. She seems too confident to fall for your standard seductive techniques. She never really reacts or even acknowledges your attempts. So, you get closer; befriend her, figure out more about her insecurities and the things that make her just a little bit less confident. You provide this false sense of security to overcompensate her insecurities,
Feng Shui Your Place To Harmony!

Do you feel that the energy in your home isn’t positive? Your office isn’t the right place to progress your work… Chances are their Yin-Yang components are out of balance. Ask yourself, do you feel that your bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary, your favorite spot of retreat and an irresistible love nest… If not, then you need to change your bedroom’s Feng Shui. The same goes for any other place in your home. There are
Gardening Guru Monty Don On MENA TV Screens!

HGTV will bring for the first time to the MENA region a host of gardening shows featuring Monty Don, one of the world’s best-loved gardening gurus. In that visually stunning series, Around the World in 80 Gardens, renowned journalist and horticulturalist Monty Don is to showcase some of the most beautiful, intriguing and unusual gardens in the world.   Each episode will feature a spectrum of wild and curated landscapes across a variety of international locations, including Cuba, Japan
Your Guide to Losing the Girl in The First Date!

  Everything about you is perfect, you think. You're a catch, you're a keeper; you say. Yet girls are still not interested in you, and tend to rule you out for some unknown reason!! Why she's just NOT that into you?! Here is the truth about what drives girls away! If you're wondering why every girl is ditching you. Let me do some weighing in and give you guidelines for the behaviors girls perceive as deal-breakers, when it
New Asian Fusion Extravaganza at Cairo Marriott’s Torii!

  To celebrate the new menu of Asian fusion and live Teppanyaki at Cairo Marriott’s very own little piece of Asia "Torii"; Cairo’s biggest media, influencers and taste makers were invited to a night of delicious sampling and tasting . Torii was filled up as soon as the event started, and guests enjoyed the yummy sushi rolls, fried seafood and of course the live Teppanyaki show where the chef lit up the restaurant with a big flame live show
How To.. LIVE IT UP!

There’s no step-by-step guide to get the best out of life, but there might be some helpful recommendations to take into account! No doubt, life is so tough. Every one is facing a daily battle that no one else knows about. As we get older, our problems get bigger & bigger. Sometimes it seems like endless cycle of trouble. Other times, it feels like it is normal to face difficulties, as if Life is teaching us
8 Basic Tips to Undo Summer Damage on Your Locks!

Summer is all about going to the beach and having fun. But the sun, salt & sand show no mercy on your hair and skin. They create clogged pores, dull tone and damaged locks! Hair Care is particularly important in summer because it is the time of swimming in the pool and lying out in the sun; which can be harmful to your hair. So we have rounded up a few tips to undo the
Ghibli Takes Karting Challenge in Egypt to The Next Leve

As per previous years Ghibli Raceway and BRP Rotax, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products, present the Egyptian National Rotax MAX Challenge (ENRMC 2017) to all motivated motor-sport enthusiasts looking to develop their interest from leisure to a profession.  With 216 drivers from over 55 countries represented, this is expected to be the most memorable final of all in the Rotax Grand Finals to date!   Rotax have developed a unique worldwide karting championship formula utilizing the
India by The Nile Food Foesta At Semiramis InterContinental Cairo!

In collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Cairo, the Semiramis InterContinental Cairo hosted the “India by the Nile” food fiesta, celebrating the colorful culture and diverse cuisine of incredible India. The food festival was inaugurated by H.E. Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Ambassador of India to Egypt and Mrs. Sameh Sobhy, General Manager Semiramis InterContinental Cairo; Massimo Bernardi, EAM in charge of F&B Semiramis InterContinental Cairo; and Chef Vikram Udaygiri at The Grill Restaurant & Lounge. Then an Indian-inspired gala dinner