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Boredom.. Broom off the Unwelcome Guest!

In an increasingly fast-paced life, men toil around to make both ends meet, women juggle work and home, and children agonize because of the cumbersome burden of tedious studies. Amid all that, routine is the scare word. Is Boredom Such a Peril After All?   Though adults are generally more reluctant to admit it _if not too tired to notice it, kids often more readily scream on a regular evening.. "bowwww-ring"! Yes, boredom is a scary feeling
In Such Traffic Jam, How About Carpooling?

Being a daily commuter from Zamalek to Nassr City like millions of Cairennes with different destinations and routes, I do not have to describe the misery and the suffering we all face on this horror trip. It is incredible, unbearable, inhumane and still we go through the whole process like in a daze, not knowing exactly where we started off and where we will end up. And interestingly enough, most cars are occupied only by
9 Steps to Look 10 Years Younger!

There's plenty to love about being on the other side of 40. But it's no fun to find that your beauty routine doesn't quite cut it anymore. What your more-mature skin and features really need is a new approach that doesn't take a lot of time. In just minutes, the characteristics of a young-looking face; big eyes, high brows, defined cheekbones, and pouty lips, can be yours again.   1- BROWS! Believe it -- your brows have gotten
Style Your Way Through The Waves!!

With summer shining its amazing and everlasting rays upon us, what is better than embracing its hot weather with hot and fashionable clothes!!! Summer is all about the beach, the wet sand and the bright sun light that hits your skin and blesses it with a lovely tan. Of course the common keyword in summer is the swimsuit bringing its unique touches and colors every summer.   The Swimsuits: Those who feel uncomfortable with parts of their bodies, well, it's your lucky
8 Opportunities Open Only To Lucky Single Gals!!

Being single does not mean being lonely, and incomplete. In fact, being single gives you the time to find and complete yourself. After all, if you don’t know who you are and what you want, how do you expect another person to find that out? To help you see your cup half full and celebrate the joyous occasion of single-hood, we’ve put together this list of opportunities open only to lucky single gals!   1- Go on a ‘Wild
Summer Office Attire to Beat The Heat!

With soaring temperatures, employees tend to favor dressing more casually and comfortably to stay cool. Wearing improper attire can hurt your image and cast doubt on your credibility and sense of judgment. You want to avoid the embarrassment and distractions that occur when you wear clothing that is too revealing, or send the message that comfort is more important to you than business. If you think a piece of clothing would be inappropriate for the office, it
Children Aren’t Waterproof… Spa & Pool Safety!

As temperatures heat up, your kids are probably digging out their swimsuits and heading for the pool. Afternoons of swimming and splashing can burn up a lot of energy, but pool time fun can also result in accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), each year nearly 350 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools. Another 2,600 are treated in emergency rooms for near-drowning incidents. So how do you protect
8 Signs He’s The One!

Relationships are never easy, sometimes they are what keep you going on in life and sometimes they are just too much of a hassle. As summertime comes along and you hit the beaches at the day and spend long summer nights partying away, this seems the ideal time to start a little romance. And the guy on the other table is just too cute for words and has been constantly eyeing you for a while.
Is criticism a pearl after all?!!

                       While the word ‘encouragement’ denotes positive acts like giving courage and hope, inspiring or spurring on, the expression ‘criticism’ has a positive as well as negative aftertaste since it involves judging  the merits as well as the faults of a person or an object involving much analyzing and evaluating. And while everyone needs encouragement, as  many people in this world feel discouraged, pressed in, cornered, undeserving, unlovable, or totally overwhelmed by the circumstances of their
The ABCs of throwing the Best Birthday Party

The earliest birthday celebrations were held because people believed evil spirits were chiefly attracted to people on their birthdays. At first it was only kings who were considered important enough to have a birthday celebration. To guard them from harm, friends and family would come bringing good thoughts and wishes, as well as gifts to ward off the evil spirits. As time went by, children became included in birthday celebrations. Luckily, birthday celebrations nowadays are not