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Be Fashionable… Be Your Own!

Do you follow trends that are the highest in fashion, yet sometimes you end up looking dull and unattractive? You keep wondering “what’s wrong... why I'm not looking even the tiniest bit like that model or that celebrity?”  Guys, fashion is not about wearing the latest outfits but wearing WHAT FITS YOU and adds that magic touch to your body. Here comes the question “how am I supposed to choose from the huge variety of fashion styles
What About Obedience in Marriage?!

It is a lovely summer evening and Petruchio, Katherine, and four of their friends are gathered around a scrumptious dinner. When the wives lea but pitying Petruchio, for being married to the shrewish Katherine. But Petruchio vows to prove them wrong so the men agree that the test would be to send for their wives and the one who came first would win the bet.They all send for their wives but the only one who
Summer Office Attire to Beat The Heat!

With soaring temperatures, employees tend to favor dressing more casually and comfortably to stay cool. Wearing improper attire can hurt your image and cast doubt on your credibility and sense of judgment. You want to avoid the embarrassment and distractions that occur when you wear clothing that is too revealing, or send the message that comfort is more important to you than business. If you think a piece of clothing would be inappropriate for the office, it
Reiki: A Controversial Healing Method!!

What's Reiki? The era of energy medicine “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: REI; a Japanese word meaning “spirit”, and KI; the Japanese version of CHI, or QI; a Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe".    Reiki simply is a method of alternative healing addressing the ki. It was first introduced by Mikao Usui who established a Reiki organization in Japan soon after discovering Reiki.   This healing method is based on the
Better sleep ….Better Life!!

"Sleep has no favorites” “Sleeping is no mean an art, for its sake one must stay awake all day" - Nietzsche. Do you believe in these quotes? Follow them or resist that feeling? We have heard a lot about sleeping. Some believe it’s a death twin. Never lay an eye down as long as they are alive. While others like grandmothers sacred sleep and used to say “sleeping is a king”. Moving throughout history and literature we find
Boundaries In Marriage … Do They Exist?!

“Don’t you understand?! I told you thousand times this is not acceptable.” “Never go out with this friend. I don’t like her.” “I told you I don’t like this shirt. Why are you wearing it again?” “Honey, you have to make a good deal of overtime this month. Don’t forget the Stuff I need to buy” “Nice dress… But you will never find your size.”  Only when you and your mate know and respect each other's needs, choices, and freedom
The Origin of a Whole Week of Celebrations!

It's well known that the week before Sham El Nesseim marks special feasts for Christian Egyptians , so here we'd like to bring to your knowledge the origin of this whole week of celebrations. Let's start on!   Palm Sunday: It is a Christian moveable feast which always falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates an event reported by all four Canonical Gospels which is the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem in the days before his Passion. In many Christian churches, Palm Sunday is marked
Your Guide to Becoming a Lie Detector!!

Whether you’re a manager, an employer or whatever; you’ll need to be able to identify a liar. Note: We’re 100% sure that when you finish reading this and start putting it into consideration, you’ll find out that many people around you are already lying to you,” Sometimes ignorance is a bless”!    Body Language of Liars: The body never lies. - Martha Graham Liars take up less apace. Their physical expressions become stiff and very limited as they’d avoid using
In Such Traffic Jam, How About Carpooling?

Being a daily commuter from Zamalek to Nassr City like millions of Cairennes with different destinations and routes, I do not have to describe the misery and the suffering we all face on this horror trip. It is incredible, unbearable, inhumane and still we go through the whole process like in a daze, not knowing exactly where we started off and where we will end up. And interestingly enough, most cars are occupied only by
11 reasons why you should be happily single!!

  Don’t worry, when you finish with this list, you will probably want to take a vow of celibacy!   1- No need to give up on Tarek, who has been your best friend since kindergarten. Yes you can have platonic male friends without worrying about any jealous rages. And you can flirt harmlessly without having a boyfriend think you’re dumping him for the hot new co-worker that looks like Brad Pitt (you don’t want to dump him,