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How To.. Summer-gize Your Wedding!

There's nothing more special than a beach wedding! Walking hand-in-hand with your new partner, bare-foot in the sand, with the most amazing sunset as your backdrop, and with loved ones looking in awe of the magnificence of your special day. That will be etched in your memory forever. Practically speaking, the beach wedding is not actually feasible to all. But don't fret, there's a way you can still have your summer wedding without it losing its beachy vibe! Here's
Cracking the Code: The Mysterious World of Boys

  There is no greater privilege in life than bringing a tiny new human being into the world and then trying to raise him or her properly during the next twenty or twenty five years And for parents whose family includes one or more boys, the greatest challenge may be just keeping them alive through childhood and adolescence. Many child raising studies tackled this topic in general paying no attention that both sexes should be brought
Summer Office Attire to Beat The Heat!

With soaring temperatures, employees tend to favor dressing more casually and comfortably to stay cool. Wearing improper attire can hurt your image and cast doubt on your credibility and sense of judgment. You want to avoid the embarrassment and distractions that occur when you wear clothing that is too revealing, or send the message that comfort is more important to you than business. If you think a piece of clothing would be inappropriate for the office, it
9 Steps to Look 10 Years Younger!

There's plenty to love about being on the other side of 40. But it's no fun to find that your beauty routine doesn't quite cut it anymore. What your more-mature skin and features really need is a new approach that doesn't take a lot of time. In just minutes, the characteristics of a young-looking face; big eyes, high brows, defined cheekbones, and pouty lips, can be yours again.   1- BROWS! Believe it -- your brows have gotten
8 Opportunities Open Only To Lucky Single Gals!!

Being single does not mean being lonely, and incomplete. In fact, being single gives you the time to find and complete yourself. After all, if you don’t know who you are and what you want, how do you expect another person to find that out? To help you see your cup half full and celebrate the joyous occasion of single-hood, we’ve put together this list of opportunities open only to lucky single gals!   1- Go on a ‘Wild
11 reasons why you should be happily single!!

  Don’t worry, when you finish with this list, you will probably want to take a vow of celibacy!   1- No need to give up on Tarek, who has been your best friend since kindergarten. Yes you can have platonic male friends without worrying about any jealous rages. And you can flirt harmlessly without having a boyfriend think you’re dumping him for the hot new co-worker that looks like Brad Pitt (you don’t want to dump him,
Relax…Time for Ergonomic Work!

Are you a hard worker? Sticking to your office, taking one posture that lasts 12 hours a day, suffering from migraines, severe back and neck pains, lacking all sorts of energy, AND, in return your boss thinks that your productivity has decreased! You are always stressed, acting like a machine all day is killing you!! Ergonomics is your only cure, your way to relaxation and high productivity.   What Is Ergonomics? Ergonomics studies human capabilities in relation
Be Fashionable… Be Your Own!

Do you follow trends that are the highest in fashion, yet sometimes you end up looking dull and unattractive? You keep wondering “what’s wrong... why I'm not looking even the tiniest bit like that model or that celebrity?”  Guys, fashion is not about wearing the latest outfits but wearing WHAT FITS YOU and adds that magic touch to your body. Here comes the question “how am I supposed to choose from the huge variety of fashion styles
Better sleep ….Better Life!!

"Sleep has no favorites” “Sleeping is no mean an art, for its sake one must stay awake all day" - Nietzsche. Do you believe in these quotes? Follow them or resist that feeling? We have heard a lot about sleeping. Some believe it’s a death twin. Never lay an eye down as long as they are alive. While others like grandmothers sacred sleep and used to say “sleeping is a king”. Moving throughout history and literature we find
Style Your Way Through The Waves!!

[caption id="attachment_6930" align="alignleft" width="450"] sexy[/caption] FINALLY, the summer has shone its amazing and everlasting rays upon us. And what is better than welcoming its hot weather with hot and fashionable clothes!!! Summer is all about the beach, the wet sand and the bright sun light that hits your skin and blesses it with the lovely tan we've been waiting for all year. Of course the common thing worn in summer is the swimsuit, which has its