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By Mahmoud Abdel Tawab After these days of glory we’ve witnessed in El-Tahrir Square, namely Liberation Square, it was very obvious that our country is pushed hard on the edge of a religious abyss between Muslims and Christians. Though all agreed what happened in Atfeih and Mokatam was a clear scheme to sow the seeds of split between us Egyptians with some religious nonsense, we cannot help but find ourselves in the middle of a dark
The 25 January Uprising – Lessons for life

By Amal Hejazi People all around the world have been watching in wonder and witnessing in fascination the Egyptian people flow through the streets of Egypt. As they streamed in and out Tahrir Square demanding peacefully for their rights and asking for total reform, facing the forces that has imprisoned them thirty years in their own land. The most significant aspect of this revolution is that it was powered by the young, or as some used
Brand New Wedding Ideas

Do you want to make your wedding stand out? Thought so. In order to have a memorable wedding, you need to be more creative about your wedding planning and choices. There are many elements that you need to work on in order to have that special, unique, wedding everyone will be raving about. This is your day, so spoil yourself and go with your gut! Invite and explore unique ideas into your wedding. The Wedding Theme Having a
BEIRUT – Pure White

BEIRUT Pure White It’s been five successful years for White, the club famous for its cool vibes but the party isn’t stopping. After heavy demand, White moves into a new home in summer 2011, becoming Pure White. Pure White will be a cocktail for the senses: aural, visual, culinary. Expect an atmosphere that’s seriously fun but still White at the core including everything we love about this upbeat place: the no-holding back when it comes to

BUENOS AIRES THE FOOD FACTORY “In the heart of Palermo, The Food Factory by Tomas Kalika, goes for a new concept in what Argentina’s restaurants offer. With a rebellious spirit, invites the most discerning palates to enjoy the exquisite flavors and “aromas” on the menu. The restaurant has modern and eclectic decoration, and a central kitchen surrounded made of glass for everyone to see! The idea, is to show the kitchen “backstage”. Tomas Kalika, was brought up

BUENOS AIRES TÔ After two successful years in Argentina, the Frapanese cuisine restaurant opens Tô Mio Hotel Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Keeping the excellence that characterizes Tô, presenting a perfect fusion between two of the best cuisines worldwide, with the highlight of Japanese atmosphere and French charm combined. With a renewed and unified menu in both places which expresses the perfect spirit of Tô, Toufic Reda, the creator, will delight exclusive diners with original creations using the

CAIRO JAZZ BAR AT THE KEMPINSKI NILE Want to be taken back in time with a hint of a modern day touch to your day? The Jazz Bar at the Kempinski might do the trick for you. Found on the tenth floor along with other highly-recommended restaurants, this venue is one of the best places to go to if you’re in need of a good dose of some drink and live entertainment.

CAIRO THE TERREACE The new kid on the block is The Terrace. Launched on December 10th 2010 at Designopolis, this venue is the talk of town on everybody’s lips, and social butterflies couldn’t have been happier. This venue oozes elegance and trendiness at the same time, where one can eat an impressive meal and hang out – or simply enjoy a simple coffee and book in the outside lounge in the sunshine. Boasting a café, restaurant and
Is the glass half empty or half full?

What will you type in Google search? You’ll be searching for a way of life to be more successful or just hunting for a means for you to become a loser?”….Life is just like a search engine and it’s only you who type words that control your path in it. It’s your choice to type the suitable words that can really make great difference in your life, and put in your mind that you’ll come