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I am no beauty queen and never was, so I never expected to attract an Adonis. While I believe every person has some aspect that is beautiful, society does not judge this way. Although I saw many examples of what would be considered “plain” girls with men whose beauty rated high on society’s scale of Handsome and Fit, these qualities remained low on my list of “what I look for in a man”.   I dated more
7 Stress Busting Techniques to Boost your Mood

Knowing how to let go of your worries is important for ensuring your ongoing health and well-being, as well as restoring the joy and happiness in your life. A variety of different techniques can help you bring your nervous system back into balance by producing the relaxation response. The relaxation response is not lying on the couch or sleeping but a mentally active process that leaves the body relaxed, calm and focused. Learning the basics of
Your 101 Guide To Radiant Skin!!

Youthful skin is definitely what we all dream of and work hard to achieve. It's usually a reflection of how old we feel than our real age. You know, we have seen many older women with flawless and radiant skin that any teenager would dream of.   Asking physicians and researching my own way around my number-one skin issue (Black eye circles) made me reach one simple conclusion: "Fix your insides to reflect on your outsides."
Sunscreen 101 For Wonderful Summer

After setting out to your perfect summer vacation; you pick up your favorite sunglasses, a nice cold drink, a sunscreen lotion or spray and head out to the beaches, enjoy the summer sun, maybe get yourself a nice bronze tan. But there are lots of sunscreens on shelves to choose from and it is a bit confusing to understand which one is suitable for your skin? Well, read on to find out what is what in
Make Love = No Wrinkles! Tips to Work it Through?!

Do you wanna stay forever youthful and vigorous? In this file, we will let you know how..and lead you all the way through having exceptional intimate relationship with your lady. It will do more than put a spring in your life!   True Fact! In several  surveys done over a ten-year period, graduate students examined photos of thousands of men and women, mostly aged 45 to 55, and had to guess their ages. Those judged to look younger
Hot Mamma..Inside Out!

A few years ago _being a newly-wed, mid-twenties Cairene female_ my concerns regarding motherhood were unappreciated, even more, frowned upon. (I am fairly certain that a lot of other Middle Eastern ladies can relate to that!) Expressing my fears of losing shape and vigor out loud, even to those close to me, was out of question, a big tsk-tsk!   I really dreaded the notion: The notorious stick actually turning blue! It meant restrictions on general activity,
NATURAL GLOW is the new sexy!

Tried & Tested Top List!! Being beautiful doesn't always mean applying tons of makeup and revealing a lot of flesh and dressing up sultry, you could be the sexiest women on earth with just healthy, glowing and well-moisturized skin. A lot of us find it complicated to deal with our skin on a daily basis. There are too many products in the market and we just don’t know which works the best and which suits us
Tips to Spice Up House!

Ever thought about remodeling your house to make it more attractive and cozy? Do you wonder why some houses just have that vibe, such inviting coziness, and you wonder how? Today we will give you a lot of ideas so you can transform your house from dull and cold to appealing and warm. You can use all the ideas below for an ultimate effect or you can just choose whatever you like according to the space
The 9 Secrets To What Men Find Irresistible!!

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice! "Attraction is the temporary love" but "Love is the permanent attraction" When a little girl is born everything around blossoms with joy, beauty, innocence and love. They say that girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Girls are the source of happiness; they're full of life which makes everything else endurable. A mother of a little girl has all the fun in the world, she dresses her up, style
The Run Away Groom!

Have you watched this episode of 'Friends’ when Chandler, on his wedding day with Monica, totally freaked out and just disappeared! Do you believe it? His friends couldn’t find a trace of him! Why did he do that?! Every time he has a nice going relationship with a fine spouse, he blows it up. What on earth is he doing?!   Well, he has a commitment phobia my friend! Yep! But don’t be judgmental; most of guys