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Better sleep ….Better Life!!

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beautiful young woman sleeping on a cloud in the sky“Sleep has no favorites”

“Sleeping is no mean an art, for its sake one must stay awake all day” – Nietzsche.

Do you believe in these quotes? Follow them or resist that feeling? We have heard a lot about sleeping. Some believe it’s a death twin. Never lay an eye down as long as they are alive. While others like grandmothers sacred sleep and used to say “sleeping is a king”.

Moving throughout history and literature we find that “Arabian Nights” is mainly based upon sole concept; for thousand nights, a queen is trying to survive from death through telling night stories to a king until falling sleep, amazing right!

Nowadays; moms, students, working people even children; all bear the logo “There is no time for sleeping”.  Addicting the sleeping enemy “caffeine”, some of them spend all night awake and sleep all day long where night is mixed with daytime. How bizarre!!


Unfortunately, I myself am one of those sleeping enemies. I am quite sure, however, that after knowing importance of sleep, we’ll all change our minds.

What is Sleeping?

S1It is a natural process where we lay down peacefully, releasing all the tension. There are main five stages of normal sleep:

– Initially it takes 5-10 minutes to  fall asleep, we toss and turn on the bed, more cautious and can be awakened easily.

– Our eyes blink very slowly and muscle activity slows down, then, we become unconscious of surrounding atmosphere. Both breathing and heart beats are regular and body temperature goes down. We can say that this is the period when the body is shutting down and there might be random arm and leg movements.

 The “Deep Sleep” sounds interesting; it’s your 3rd and 4th stages of sleeping, the body activities slow down; breathing becomes slower and relaxed; energy regained; and growing hormones are released. People who get awakened during deep sleep do not adjust immediately and are often disoriented for several minutes after they wake up.

  • REM “Rapid Eye Movement” sleep is the most fascinating stage of sleep and is associated with dreaming. Scientists still do not know what true purpose it serves and there is much debate about it. Apparently, it allows our brains to go through daily experiences and processes.
  • Naturally, each stage remains for 90 minutes. Getting more in Deep Sleep stage, you’ll reach deepest stage; dreaming stage, at the last part of night. If truly passed the above sleeping stages, when you get up; you’re supposed to be energetic, enjoying peace of mind and high productivity throughout the day.

Here, comes the query about sleeping importance? In short, sleeping is a restorative process for one’s body.

S3Psychologically: It was proven that sleeping has a vital role in our thinking, memory and remembrance. Besides, by getting enough sleeping hours, you’ll never suffer any depression or mental illness.  Your self confidence will increase and daily life stresses will no longer be a burden as faced by those suffering sleeping disturbances.


Physically: Imagine the body as a PC of much more capacity, hence, needs to properly repair itself. In other words needs rest. During the day you are encountered with a number of physical stresses such as: tight wear, extra muscles movement, harmful sun  rays, environmental pollutants, and even germs. When the body is asleep, it can focus on fixing damages and relieving all pains. People suffer certain health conditions not having enough sleeping hours and might face strokes early-morning heart attacks and high blood pressure.

In a nutshell sleeping 7-:9 hours a day is very beneficent physically and physiologically and essential in avoiding  serious health complications. Ordinary people find it easy to take their sleeping dosage. The real dilemma blows up with  insomniac people.

Insomnia, is it Sickness or Climax of daily routines?

getty_rf_photo_of_sleepless_manMany of us experienced sleepless nights during exams, traveling, and changing locations…etc, but soon enough we return to normal sleeping status. But Insomnia is different. It’s when you’re unable to fall asleep normally for no obvious reasons and on a long-term basis, waking up during the night or waking up too early.  Insomnia leads to lack of mental alertness, concentration, tension and fatigue ending up with a state of daytime irritability. In most cases, insomniacs are required to change their habits especially in pre-sleeping time. If you are insomniac, make drugs your last resort and only after medical advice.

Are you a working mom concerned about your kid’s school, family health, job or promotion? Watch out!! you could be a victim of Insomnia!! Guys you have to be cautious, extra daily life concerns, work stress and depression are entrances to world of insomnia. Anxiety, addictive stimulants or antidepressants and changes in sleeping environment are the main causes of Insomnia as well as altering between day and night working shifts.

SLEEPSince that cure comes from cause itself, here are some tips for better sleeping:

– Schedule your bed and wake up times.

– Don’t lie in bed unless you are drowsy or at least passed through first sleeping stage.

– Stop drinking stimulants or highly-caffeinated drinks or lessen your dosage and never drink after lunchtime.

– Make sure, If having headaches, migraines, stomach pains or any daily pains, to take proper pain reliever before bedtime, in order not to disturb your sleeping.

– Relax; it’s the key to comfortable sleeping. Try to find a way to relax: have a warm bath and light snack, drink some milk and you’ll be lucky if can have some body massage.

– Make sure to keep your bedroom free from all noises and sleeping interrupters, close doors, maintain fine temperature and don’t forget to remove all clocks but keep an alarm away from the bed.

– Change your position of sleeping, don’t forget to obtain a healthy mattress and pillows as neck or back pains could be of insomnia causes, and if necessary change your bedroom decorations into more comfortable relaxing styles. 

– Do physical fitness exercises and have regular food meals to help having better sleep.

Life tensions and stresses are threatening the only opportunity of having some rest. So let us take a break from such burdens and enjoy some sweet dreams.

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” – Carrie Snow



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