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Boredom.. Broom off the Unwelcome Guest!

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In an increasingly fast-paced life, men toil around to make both ends meet, women juggle work and home, and children agonize because of the cumbersome burden of tedious studies. Amid all that, routine is the scare word.

Is Boredom Such a Peril After All?  

Though adults are generally more reluctant to admit it _if not too tired to notice it, kids often more readily scream on a regular evening.. “bowwww-ring”! Yes, boredom is a scary feeling that haunts most of us. Despite the incredible sci-fi-like life we are currently leading, nothing exciting ever happens. Brutal routine is driving us over the edge.


D. Fisher (1993) defines boredom as, “an unpleasant, transient affective state in which the individual feels a pervasive lack of interest in and difficulty concentrating on the current activity.”


The psychological and social consequences reported are not to be taken lightly. They range from loss of focus, unproductiveness, anger, depression, all the way to violence, and addiction of drugs or alcohol. Even on a much reduced level, a bored person in the family is hardly good company.


Nestle UK conducted some studies for teenagers between 11 and 18 years, investigating what they do after school.

One in three teenagers goes home to an empty house.

One in four hangs around with nothing to do when not in school – just the time when they are most likely to get into trouble.

Seven in ten parents and teenagers think young people commit crimes because there is not enough for them to do.


A study, conducted at Victoria College, found that the amount of time men in Australia spend in passive leisure may place them at a high risk of being overweight or obese and may increase the risk of diabetes.


Wives also need to be alarmed if boredom haunts their houses. Bored husbands reported higher rates in engaging in extramarital affairs.


1b141e3a7710382bbac152c2ac75744b-1000x626x1Boredom, apparently, has links with antisocial behaviour and sometimes crime, particularly among teenagers. This conclusion may not be quite surprising to many. However, the question of what to do to conquer household boredom is indeed a brain teaser.

Start by identifying the challenge: Boredom is usually at its worst on weekdays. So the question is “what can we do after getting home to counter boredom?”


Ideas are many. Simple as they may sound, they are sure to make a difference. The tips we will be giving are merely suggestive. You may use, modify, ignore some, or add to them. How you choose to overcome the tedium of life on weekdays is just like how you choose to dress. It’s a matter of personal taste.


Tip 1: Kick off your week with a fresh outlook. Avoid Stuff like, “God, I hate Sunday mornings”, or “I can’t bring myself to get out of bed”. A positive vista on the new week can make all the difference. Look forward to the highlights of the week at work. Think of peaks you are eagerly awaiting.


Tip 2: What you eat can pretty much decide your mood for the evening. If you are a career woman, who gets home all beat, we understand that the last thing you need is extra chores in the kitchen. But, if you picture your family’s delight in at the sight of some elegant dish or two on their table, you’ll think it is worth it after all.  Let us give you the secret word: salads. Salad is the magic wand that can change the looks of your meal. And you know what the best part? It is incredibly flexible and amazingly easy to assemble. No need to order special ingredient. Whatever you have got. Lettuce, tuna, chickpeas, tomatoes, stale bread, left-over chicken chunks. Toss a few of them together, drizzle with some olive oil, or perhaps a teaspoonful of mayonnaise, and sprinkle with a dash of salt and pepper. There you go. Giving the evening a tasty launch puts everyone in the mood. Fetching out some old, tasteless meal from the fridge is the first step towards a ho-hum evening.


es5x9u9cqh_6f04d17a_11d7_d046_69be_ff346f5f2d0cTip 3: It has to do with our good old friend, the Box. Watching telly can either be a truly amusing & invigorating experience, or it could just be another brick in the wall of evening tedium. Most people just leave TV running in the background while ironing a fresh shirt for tomorrow, doing homework, folding the laundry, etc., which is fine.  But always make sure to have a special spot on TV to look forward to. Watching a daily show, especially if it is a good one, creates a fascinating evening routine to eagerly await. Enhance that nightly viewing hour by coupling it with butter-free, microwave-popped popcorn, or a hot low-fat cup of cocoa. The most important thing here is that TV watching must be a get-together for the household, rather than having each person locked up in a separate dark room, gazing at a small screen.


Tip 4: Be creative, work your mind to introduce novelty to you daily sequence. There are always days when we finish early at work or school. Do not idly hang around doing nothing till everyone else packs and goes. Leave early and make the best out of those couple of god-sent hours. Hit the gym, stop by the club and savor your favorite mango juice, see some old friend. The unexpectedness of the evening will be a pleasant defiance of boredom.


Tip 5: It might be even more helpful if you could broach what you did last week. Talk about fun stuff you did, those you never got time to do, laugh over funny things that happened. Learn to appreciate the good moments you were lucky to have. Every once in a while, spend some time making plans for the next weekend. Pick up a place you wish to go, name people you’d like to see, describe a meal you wish to relish, etc. Remember that talking about fun is fun. When weekend plans are set, do your utmost to stick to them. That way, the planning part (which should take place on weekdays) will be pleasant and engaging.



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