Monday, December 18

Budget Friendly Decor!

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The first thing comes to our minds when we start planning for decorating or re-decorating is budget! How much will it cost us to paint, get the tools, expensive pieces of furniture or demanding workers? These low cost home decorating tips will help you decorate your home without busting your budget. With just a few basic tools and some decorating ideas you can decorate your home for a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional do it for you. Anyone can become own decorator.


Using Color to Decorate

Even making just a few minor changes in a room can liven it up and change the atmosphere. Changing color schemes and adding new textures are a great way to create a new look to any room.

Paint and fabric are wonderful tools to create a whole new look for any room. It’s amazing how much a room can improve by simply adding some new color and texture.


Utilize what you Already Own

You may be surprised how much you can do with what you have stashed in your closets, garage or under your bed.

If you’re willing to be flexible and adapt colors, themes, and textures to what you may already own, you can re-decorate an entire room or several rooms possibly, for little or no money.

Now we’re talking my kind of home decorating tips! My favorite price, FREE! Use what you have, fix it up or jazz it up (whatever it takes), and reuse it to create a whole new look!


Money Saving Accessories

Sometimes a new photo frame, a throw or a hanged rug would make such a difference to your room. Adding some bright colored cushions will even make your sofa look new.

Excessive accessories can appear as clutter if not carefully arranged. This can easily occur if you have “collections” that you just can’t bear to give up.

Here’s a home decorating tip to help you use those collections to accessorize without appearing cluttered:

If you have one, or several, themed collections of knick knacks and accessories, group like themes together in displays for the best effect.

Using Pictures

 Pictures or other wall hangings can add color, texture, and interest to any room. Choose pictures that compliment the color scheme and theme.

Picture can be especially useful in adding color where color use is limited.

Pictures are certainly great accessories, but can also be used to create illusions. Make a wall look wider, taller, etc. You can change the appearance of a rooms dimension using wall pictures.


Plan ahead

Above it all, what you should really consider in re-decorating your room is planning.

Planning could be a key ingredient to your decorating project success, especially, if you are on a tight budget. I personally like to work around what I have, if at all possible, to save money.

Planning is also essential if you want to maximize savings by using what you have and creating a few of your own accessories. Review what you have and then choose color schemes, fabrics, and accessories based on what is readily available to you.

If you can work with your hands, assisted by decoration magazines or the internet, creating some decorating elements from fabrics you have or carving some wooden pieces into an ethnic candleholder, that would even be a plus to your budget and a lifetime souvenir of yourself.


A no-cost spring make over

As spring is already here, you can let your windows do some of the job, letting the sun in, adding a new flower pot with a mono colored bouquet on a matching tablecloth will definitely bring in a new spirit to the room with practically no cost!


If you have some extra in your budget, go for a new rug and that will makes it all.


Have a colorful spring!


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