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Capricorn: The Serious and Dependent

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Dec.19-Jan. 20    The tenth sign of the ZODIAC

Element: Earth   Symbol: Mountain goat (Signifies not usually achieving immediate gratification but will triumph on the long run).


Do you think that you’re generous, dependent, ambitious and superior…but your friends think of you as clumsy, stiff, doubtful and bossy…. Never mind about them because you are a real Capricorn!! This makes you hard worker, owning a strong sense of responsibility, competitive, serious, initiative and self-confident.



Capricorn Career “We always do it this way”

Reliable in any profession they undertake, but lacking in originality, they usually are superior in following up on what someone else has started.


 The occupations: Capricorns usually tend to be doctors, lawyers, accountants and most any endeavor that deals with math or money. They are interested in projects demanding long-term planning. Capricorns are excellent politicians due to their skill in debate and also, are good teachers. They do best in an environment wherein they can exercise their desire for authority and organization. They are good with their hands, and may choose to be engineers, farmers or builders. Thus, if your boss is a Capricorn, you will find him a resourceful, practical manager; these folks set high standards for themselves and others. They are self critical, and work well in a disciplined environment, demanding equal measure from their subordinates. A careful planner possessing the ability to achieve results with minimum efforts and expenses. Highly organized, they successfully manage several projects simultaneously. “Don’t forget” that your Capricorn boss is always seeking for a position of authority, once attaining control, he is demanding and stiff in leadership. Although firm, they are usually fair to people they deal with. They value tradition, the tried and true, more than innovation. “We always do it this way,” was no doubt first said by a Capricorn.


Love and Relationships

Confidence is the keyword for Capricorn. They are known for their loyalty, dedication, supportive, tolerant and attentive. Capricorn male is quite shy, strong and introvert. Incase, your husband is Capricorn, then romantic poems would be a perfect gift for him. Don’t worry because he loves spending some time alone. Cheer up! Because your Capricorn husband loves to entertain and adores food, He receives guests with a spirit of generosity. But be aware, his interest in food arises from pure joy in eating; Capricorn male is an ideal example of proverb saying” stomach is the way to man’s heart”. Capricorn male always looks out for perfection.

If your wife is a Capricorn, then be sure that you will be enjoying marvelous and delicious dishes. Capricorns make fantastic chefs and know how to cook the most complicated foods. Partly, this devotion to fine cuisine comes from the Capricorn’s desire to please.


Capricorn males are often a little shy in front of opposite sex, on the contrary, Capricorn females love socializing. They are known for their feminine, flirting and charming nature which usually attracts the opposite sex. Capricorn females like their male fellows are career oriented; Marriage or love comes next to career. Their ambition makes them highly energetic. Capricorns housewives are quite even tempered and maintain consistency in their life, sociable and well-known for their devotion to etiquette and manners. Family usually comes first they are family people


In love affairs, Capricorn natives are loyal to their partners. Capricorn natives have good relationship with opposite sex, as they are quite generous. If they are involved in serious relationships then Capricorn natives are quite passionate. Never impetuous, they consider personal relationships carefully before becoming involved.


Life scope 

Life for Capricorns is a serious business to be controlled; they are seekers after knowledge and wisdom. Rational, logical and clearheaded, they have excellent concentration, and delight in all forms of debate. The following are some clues to Capricorns, but notice that there are exceptions for each rule.


Lucky Number: 6, 8 and 9

Lucky Color: Black, Grey and white

Lucky Flower: Pink Carnation

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Gemstones: Turquoise

Lucky Metal: Lead


Attention to all Capricorns… You are belonging to the Zodiac of Great Artistic, Political and Sport Celebrities!!

Elvis Presley (January 8, 1935)

Denzel Washington (December 28, 1954)
Kevin Costner (January 18, 1955)
Mel Gibson (January 3, 1956)
Mohammed Ali Clay(January 17, 1942)
Anwar Sadat (December 25, 1918)


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