Thursday, January 18

Stress Escapes of The Stars!

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“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” — Christopher Reeve. When you’re stressed out and depressed, you feel lonely. You feel like you’re the only person who’s ever experienced this level of pain. But you’re not alone! Tons of people have struggled with that kind of depression; some of them are first-rate stars. You might wonder what’s there, for a well-established celebrity, to be depressed about. They literally have everything, you think: money, fame, and a squad of stylists dedicated to making them look beyond perfection!! But guess what, they’re just like us! They feel sad, depressed and stressed too! Still feeling the blues? No worries, you can count on our fav celebrities to tell you how to de-stress. So ladies and gentlemen, here’s how our adored stars unwind and escape all negativities…

Angelina Jolie  …  Kid Time Therapy

Mama Ange admits that spending time with her family and kids is her number one tool to deal with stress. Sitting on the floor with the kids coloring and drawing, jumping on the trampoline, or just chatting with them get her spirits high.  She believes doing something you love makes you happy and serves as a form of meditation. Hey Ange, can you adopt us? 😛

Emma Stone … Baking Remedy

Best known for her comedy acting and endless charm, Emma is a fantastic example of someone who has been able to really take control of anxiety. Her number one advice to recover from stress and trauma is baking! While she was on the set of the most recent “Spider-Man” movie, she said she was baking all the time to fight the stress. We wonder if Emma’s bakery is as yummy as she is! Wink Wink.

Michelle Obama … Exercising  

Pretty much everyone can agree that exercise is an upright stress-reliever. Getting your body moving makes you feel way better. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, announced that going to the gym is her ultimate de-stressing technique. When she feels anxious, she just puts her iPod on and heads to the gym or out on a bike ride along the lake. Killing it my Michelle! 🙂

Adele … Healing Crystals

Many people believe in the healing power of crystals, and so does Adele! She even has a crystal wand that she takes with her everywhere! Adele’s experience with crystal power began when she was handed some crystals by her tutor during vocal exercises in New York. The singer has then said: ‘I thought: This is awkward! But I took them and felt amazing!’ Adele also revealed that she’s taken her newfound spiritual side to the next level. Now she meditates before every performance and she feels so good. Good job gurl, your Grammy awards say it all. 😉

Kate Winslet … Planning, Planning & More Planning

If exercising or doing any kind of effort isn’t your jam, so shift to planning. This is Kate Winslet’s preferred stress-reliever! She calms her anxieties by having everything in her daily life under control. Who’s dropping off the kids and who’s picking them up, when to exercise, where to go out, what to have for dinner, etc. Kate has charts, maps and lists on the fridge and all over the house to keep everything under control. Are you working for the CIA Kate?

Lena Dunham … Meditation

When we are stressed-out; we feel frazzled, frustrated, and angry. But when we meditate; we release the much-needed, feel-good hormones. That’s why meditation is Lena Dunham’s much loved de-stressing therapy. “Meditation allows me to balance and know that I’m headed to a space that’s just mine.” She says. OMG we gotta start mediating now!!

Brad Pitt … Architecture

Okay, you wonder how the sexiest man alive would get strained!! Calm down ladies, even our enchanting Brad has bad days, but he manages to get over them using architecture. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yeah, all he has to do is walk around the yard thinking about architectural solutions for the house, et voila, good mood back again. We wouldn´t be too surprised to see him receiving some kind of an architecture award, you know. J

Mariah Carey … Massage

Let’s say for fun, imagine you are so drained that there’s no way to unwind, do you see it in your heart to have a massage that lasts for, like, a day? Would you care to pay someone $1,500 to rub your feet?! Hell nooo, are you kidding me??! For Mariah Carey, the answer is absolutely YEEEES!!! She once reportedly spent that amount on an eight hour daily massage to chill out and relax. Well, it sounds kinda insane, but hey; if Mariah is happy, everyone is happy, yeah?! 😉

See, our fav stars didn’t accept anxiety to be part of their lives. They made a decision to learn from stress and fight it by all possible means, even if they somehow sounded insane, the point is that they found their escapes. And now it’s time for you now to find yours, start on right away amigo!

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