Tuesday, October 17

Change 50 in 50!

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New Year’s resolutions… Some take them seriously. Some bid them farewell just after the clock strikes twelve. But it’s not impossible to keep up the enthusiasm after you’ve swept up the confetti. It just needs little determination to better up the quality of your life. So make it your New Year’s resolution to change those 50 in 50 days, and reap the sweet fruits of willpower with a better quality of life!


wine-exercise– For a better sleeping quality, try to maintain a routine. Go to bed at the same hour every night.

– Control and cut down your junk food intake. If you’re having fast food every day, try to decrease it to once a week. If you take it once a week, lower it to once a month.

– If you wanna lose weight, or stay fit, keep a food diary.

– Snack healthy. Veggies, fruits, nuts or whole grain cereals are your best friends.

– Stay hydrated. Don’t let it slip off your mind. Set reminders. Eat water-rich food. Get a 1 liter bottle, fill it twice a day and keep it around and available to grab all the time.

– Move it. You don’t have to subscribe to a gym, make it a habit to have 30 minutes of jogging or walking every day. Dance to your favorite tunes. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Use a bicycle instead of your car. Don’t get all caught up while working, stand up or stretch your legs every 2 hours maximum.

– Quit smoking now. If you really wanna improve your wellbeing, there are many ways for this to happen now.

– Take regular checkups and blood tests. This saves loads of time, money and also saves lives.

– Cut down caffeine intakes and instead have a daily cup of tea. Also cut the soda, once and for all. Instead take fresh juices.




greenstockholm_jensassur_675x337– Extent your mind horizon. Make some time in your day to think and meditate. But be careful not to overthink, it might backfire.

– Read something every day, even if it is a 5-minute read; an article, an online post, newspaper or a page in a book. Aim to learn one thing every day.

– De-clutter your mind. Write whatever causing a mess there then forget about it.

– Fight your urge to talk and listen more.

– Don’t waste time watching too much TV, or playing video games, or even on social media. In fact, you shouldn’t let anything take over your time. Too much of anything is a waste of self and life. Keep it under control. Give yourself an hour a day for some fun, though.

– Avoid multi-tasking. When you try to do everything at once, you cease to give your full attention. It’s much more effective, if you stop and focus on one thing at a time. This strategy produces good-quality work in half the time.


Mood Improving

Enjoying the sun– De-clutter your space.

– Keep a gratitude journal. It gives you a chance to be attentive to positive things in your living, and to be more appreciative of people in your life.

– If something is bothering you (your job for example), change it once and for all. If you can’t, then try to accept it. This gives you serenity.

– Connect with nature. Get some fresh air in a park. Savor the day light. Walk by the Nile. Or take a vacation by the beach.

– Make a to-do-list. It keeps your mind less distracted and helps you get a sense of accomplishment when you check the accomplished tasks.

– Buy happiness. Retail therapy is always a mood booster. But make sure you don’t buy things you don’t need.

– Don’t store things without using. Give those things away.

– Do the things that make you feel happy, even if they’re silly or childish. It’s Ok to loosen up every once in a while. Connect with the kid in you. Jump, swing or sing out-loud, regardless of how awful you might sound. Make sure you find someone to get fool with.


Self Development

04– Accept yourself as is. That’s the only way you’d start acknowledging your own strengths and defects. Get to know yourself. Explore your full potentials. We take ourselves for granted.

– Acknowledge your own values.

– Don’t compare your life to others.

– Take care of how you look. Be neat and clean. It has a great impact on how people see you.

– Give yourself a weekly evaluation. About what you accomplished and the things that went wrong. How you managed your time. And what you made out of every day.

– Discipline yourself.

– Soothe yourself. Make sure that you have that constructive one thing that would take your mind off things and lighten up your mood.

– Stay in the present. Acknowledge your worries but don’t engage in ‘what ifs’ or assumptions. They’re super destructive.

– Stop beating yourself up trying to be perfect. No one is perfect anyway.

– When things don’t go as planned, look at the bright side and enjoy the lessons. Embrace the fact that no self development is reachable without some agony or hardships in life.



teen-talk-socializing– See old friends. Show up for reunions or organize ones. Call friends to chat or to just check on them.

– Debate. It extends your horizon of knowledge. Don’t win debates, just make a point of the argument and learn something new every time.

– Refrain from complaining and gossiping.

– Be open to meeting new people.

– Surround yourself with positive company, achievers and those who would inspire. Avoid naysayers. Negative company sucks your good energy and leaves you drained. And make it difficult for you to be productive.

– Try not to judge unless you hear all sides of the story.

– Give a little less criticism and a little more complements.

– Give praises and encourage those who deserve it.

– Be open and willing to improve your relationships. Listen to what people have to say about you and don’t take it personally.

– Empathize. If you disagree with someone, try to see the world from their perspective. Put yourself in their shoes. Be curious about the other person, about their beliefs and their life experiences.

– Don’t take people or things for granted.

– Give the benefit of the doubt.

– Visit a sick friend or family member.

– Start or join a club or a group. (E.g. book clubs, crafts groups, etc.)

– Stop nagging your family members and cut pointless arguments.

– Don’t expect praise. Don’t wait for evaluation from others.

– Do good deeds that won’t take 5 minutes off your day. Smile to a stranger. Open the door for an old lady. Or tip a waiter more.

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