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Christophe Gaillet: The French Hairdressing Giant!

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This IT hairstylist from Paris is well-known for his creativity, simplicity and brilliance! With huge names like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Vanessa Paradis in his portfolio, his creations are truly impeccable, one-of-a-kind works of art!

Q. Tell us about yourself and your journey in the fashion field?
I started my career at the age of 25. Nina Ricci was my first fashion house to work with. Then I worked for Balenciaga, Loris Azzaro, Thierry Mugler, Balmain and Paco Rabanne. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Rabanne. He was very attentive to each hairstyle I created for his models. And he used to do pre-show hairdo trials to approve them himself. I always like this kind of attention given to coiffure by fashion creators.

Q. When did you discover your passion for hairstyling?
I discovered that passion at a very young age. I started doing internships during my summer vacation when I was no older than a 15-year-old, then I decided to leave school and pursue my career.

Q. What about your experience as an Ambassador for ‘L’oreal Paris’?
I have a lot of memories and incredible experiences with L’oreal. Today, fashion is so fast and we must be ahead of trends to retain only the best. So this partnership with L’oreal has been very beneficial in many ways. I got to learn about new trends and hairstyles, and they helped me travel the world and meet worldwide stylists who share my passion. L’oreal is a house very near to hairdressers; listening to their needs and expectations. They see ambassadors as messengers who spread trends and dreams all around the globe.

Q. A woman’s hair is her crown, what are the IT steps to keep this crown shining?
There are several tips for maintaining a shining hair. Vigorous daily brushing, using a suitable conditioner, and rinsing with cold water are especially effective. But the IT tip for keeping it shining is adding a few drops of serum to your shampoo bottle.

Q. In your opinion, what are the IT hair trends that never go out of date?
Louise Brooks’ “bob” is the IT style passing down through the generations. It’s always very easy to reinvent! Also Lisse and dégradé hairdos are never out of fashion. And for sure, there’s the “Podium” that is forever trendy.

Q. What’s the weirdest thing that ever inspired you?
I had a few strange inspirations back when I worked at the salon. A lady once asked me to make her hair the same color as her shoes. Another wanted the same texture of her jumper. But the most spectacular creations were the ones I did at Dubai; incredible bridal hairdos, high volumes and splendid jewelry pieces.. It was one unique experience.

Q. Did you ever watch a competitor’s design and shouted “THAT’S A STATEMENT PIECE”?
Yes, of course.. This was when I attended a tribute to Mr. Alexander de Paris at the Louvre, Mr. Jean Luc Minetti, who is an extraordinary hair dresser, had a model that looked like Maria Callas when she was performing ‘La Norma’. Her hair was impeccable.

Q. In your opinion, what are the IT style rules every fashionista should follow?
There are many styles to follow but the most important feature is ALLURE. A natural simple chignon that’s well bound and a sense of natural chic will work wonders with all women.

Q. What’s the funniest/ most unique style you’ve ever created?
I had lots of requests of unusual hairstyles. Mostly they are for special occasions such as Halloween, birthdays or weddings. I remember this one client who wanted a hairstyle of the Eiffel Tower! The result was absolutely incredible.

Q. In your opinion, which fashion item has the power to transform the look?
Any accessory has the ability to transform the look; be It a belt, piece of jewelry or even a bag. For hair, bangs and color placements are the best accessory.

Q. What was the most annoying or sarcastic comment you got from a hater?
Criticism is always unpleasant to hear, but I try to stay up for it. Any criticism has to be mainly constructive. Otherwise I tend not to give it so much attention.

Q. What’s the top style you especially created for a celebrity?
I have plenty! I did several extraordinary styles for Lady Gaga who likes to go beyond the normal. I worked also with Rihanna who is more of ethnic chic, and there’s Vanessa Paradis widely recognized with her very Parisian flair.

Q. In your opinion which celebrity has the IT hair and why?
I adore Gwyneth Paltrow ! Her hair is always picture perfect!

Q. What are the IT looks for the season?
Long and edgy carré, honey colors, and a hairdo so natural; et voila you’re on with the modern glamour.

Out and About

-Words I live by… “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Yves St. Laurent

-Women will be prettier if… They adapted natural sophistication.

-Men should understand that… Women are the future.

-Things I can’t live without… Music, sun, love and passion.

-If the devil didn’t wear Prada, she would wear… A pair of high-heel Louboutin shoes.

– My IT inspiration is... All Hitchcock’s heroines, especially Grace Kelly.

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