Sunday, January 21

How to Fight Cold & Flu at Home!

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Your nose is dripping like a faucet? Your throat is sore and your head feels like it’s gonna explode?!! Yeah.. Winter is here! It’s like the instant those first few snowflakes touch the ground, germs are everywhere. Noses get stuffed up; people start sneezing, coughing, or blowing hard; and all of sudden there is a mass shortage of tissues. 😀 Well, don’t panic, we have some good news. It’s what we call the secret magic potion for cold. It’s made of some quick, easy and effective cures and preventative remedies for these wintertime bugs. Anytime you are around someone who is sick, or when you feel that ominous tickle in your throat; follow these wonderful tips and tricks 😉

Socks… Warming Socks

What the hell are you saying? Warming socks! Are you kidding me!! Okay let’s face it. We don’t know any studies that have supported these theories, but warming socks just make anyone feel good and sleep better.  It’s a little shocking, we admit, but all you need to do is to soak a pair of thin cotton socks in the coldest water you can stand, wring them out and put them on your feet, and then cover them with thick, dry cotton or wool socks and head to bed , by the morning you gonna feel much better.

Chicken Soup

Yummy isn’t it? Well, there is a reason why your mom always had a bowl of this at the first sign of sniffles. Chicken soup provides the fluids you need to fight off viruses, but it also reduces the inflammation that triggers cold and flu symptoms. Isn’t it amazing when a super yummy food can be your cure?!

Warm Water with Lemon

Well yeah… it seems so boring, but hey this simple trick is working like magic. Warm lemon water is comforting to a sore throat and it gives an extra vitamin C boost. Adding raw honey to this drink will bring on the healing even faster!

Berry Tea

Another yummy magical trick! You can use frozen berries you picked last summer, or tea made from those lovely fruits, and get ready wave the cold goodbye!

Give Chocolate a Try

Surprise isn’t it? Well, try hot dark chocolate and sweeten it with some honey. It has been found that chocolate heals coughing, but you must avoid adding sugar to it because sugar reduces immunity.

Order a Mushroom Pizza

We’re not kidding! White button mushrooms contain powerful antiviral proteins that can strengthen your immune system. So, yes, sliced mushrooms in a green salad work too, but they’re more fun on a pizza, aren’t they?! 😉

These tips along with good rest and warm healing baths should have you feeling fine in no time. And always remember to listen to your body; it may be telling you that it’s about time to rest & relax, so take the advice to enjoy winter & stay healthy!

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