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Perfecting The Craft of Fashion… Interview with Heba Edris

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Setting the standards incredibly high in the craft of fashion with radiant signature numbers that out loud shout her name and with lifetime warranty for her pieces against production flaws; the talented Jordanian fashionator Heba Edris is proving fashion design to be all about artistic knowledge, inbuilt style intuition and utter determination. Heba’s road a la mode started with an appetite for dressing up & garnishing her Barbies that developed into a vision of providing aesthetic pleasure of elegant night wear for both veiled and non-veiled ladies. We explored with Heba her exquisite ability to create outstanding outfits from A-Z (a talent that got her receiving an honorary tribute from Her Majesty, Queen Rania El-Abdallah) and we can simply say that this lady has definitely got style!

How did you discover your passion for fashion?

When I was a child, I discovered that creating dresses for toy dolls is something that I’m really passionate about. I used to play with anything comprising textile and fabrics. In my teens, I started advising my friends on what to wear and sometimes pull a full outfit together for them from their wardrobes. Whenever I wasn’t advising someone on what to wear, I was drawing dresses and night gowns. Now I have my own Haute Couture Atelier that designs decorous vogue from beginning to the end!

How would you describe your fashion label in 3 words?

Actually I have 4 words: Elegance, Beauty, Accuracy and Perfection.

Your definition of a Look Extraordinaire?!

I appreciate one touch designs. For me; a fashion piece that is not over decorated; and created to a solid design idea is just outstanding! My best client is a woman who knows what she wants.

New, feel-good trends for 2017?

2017 trends tend to satisfy the needs of all body shapes and types.

Fashion item that makes the look stand out?

It is not an item; it’s a concept. The concept of maintaining a consistent idea on the whole look from A to Z.

Certain names you prefer working with?

I pride myself on receiving an honoring tribute from Queen Rania; Queen of Jordan for dedicating & presenting one of my dresses to her. It’s always been my dream to design for her being such an elegant, classy lady with an unmistakable sense of style.

Does it feel good working with celebrities?

Not really! I’m more about the person not the celebrity.

Which is more important: being stylish or feeling comfortable?

Comfort and style cannot substitute for each other. If a design is stylish but the client does not feel comfortable wearing it, then this fashion item is flawed for me.

Piece of advice for the fashionistas out there to look their best?

Commit to wearing the proper sizes! Wearing an item 2 sizes smaller (or bigger) does not make you look better.

Fashion trends that never go out of date?

Sheath style dresses; those kind of dresses that go narrow below the waist with no waistline seam. They’re simple, they’re elegant, they existed since as far as I can remember, and they still look good and in style on most women.

The feel-good factor about your designs?

The harmony between the elements of the design.

Your definition of a happy wardrobe?

A wardrobe with a black suit, technicolored shirt, high waist pants and long red soirée dress.

The most beautiful thing that ever inspired you?

The process of realizing the beauty inside a woman inspires me, because it enables me to inflect that beauty on a design as unique as she is.

Top feel-good moment in your career?

Every moment I receive positive feedback from a client who appreciated the details applied to create the individuality of the design.

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