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You pass the early years of your live in the struggle of learning the basic skills of walking, talking, feeding yourself and answering the call of nature. The following few years, you are pulled by the hand into the big ruthless world, mainly marked by the hateful S-word; school. There is no way you could take it any longer. By the time you start your adolescence, you are ready to defy the way of the world. Soon afterwards, you cannot wait to start adulthood, eagerly welcoming your twenties. But that’s about it. This is the point where we think we will look no further. Just as you bask in the ever-so-sunny years of your life, reality sets in. And before you know it, BANG! You’re thirty.

Thirty Something Men!

A twenty something man is light-hearted, sensational, beaming with sexuality, outward-bound and proudly unrestrained. His idiotic behavior is deemed as “youthful indiscretion”. No one expects him to take responsibility of anything, not even himself. A “he” in his twenties genuinely believes he could conquer the world and make his dreams all come true.

A thirty something man, on the other hand, is seen by most women as a “potential husband”. He may be taken aback one morning at the sight of a receding hairline or a shining pate which was once his joy and pride. But he has a lot to take pride in. His career is now right on track. He managed to find a life partner to ward off the avaricious eyes of the entire human she-race. A thirty something gentleman is now supposed to have more redeeming features than just the dense hair on his chest. Nonetheless, a man in his thirties has a family to support, a wife with an ever-renewable list of demands, kids who depend on him to satisfy their juvenile cravings. That wreck he drives around is all his and he now owns his own place, or at least, is man enough to pay his own rent.

Thirty Something Women!

Though most women adamantly deny it, to them, age is NOT just a number. Age is looks. Age is appeal. Age is lifestyle. Age is very much part of a woman’s identity. How old a “she” is decisively determines how a “she” looks at life and leads hers.

Though women in their twenties are vibrant, vivacious, forward-looking and attractive, they always strive to conceal some implicit lack of confidence. They can never quite make up their minds, with any degree of certainty, whether pink looks nicer on their eyelids or their shoes. They are constantly worried about a possible bad hair day, looming in the horizon. They often have to either apologize or lie about behaving in some queer manner. And last but not least, women towards the end of their sweet decade, still wearing no wedding ring on either of their fingers, feel like hostages held at gunpoint with the clock ticking.

A thirty something woman, on the other hand, is visibly steadier in demeanor. If she is lucky and resourceful enough, she has already managed to sink her nails in the nape of some guy, handcuff him and drag him victoriously on his belly to their oh-so-cute love nest. She may have gained a few pounds here and there. She may no longer have time to trim a broken nail or adoringly comb her eyebrows and lashes. But who cares, as long as she can always hear sweet talk, if she just reddens her eyes.

 The downside of things is that a thirty something women has to be extra careful not to lose her sanity every evening; as her monkey slash toddler spills milk on her precious rug, her other kindergarten kid turns the TV up to a deafening degree, just as she cuts her finger carelessly cutting the salad. If she is a working mom, she no longer has the luxury of picking up something from the bottom of her closet, sniffing it and deciding to put it on all the same. Instead, she has to dress up properly and probably make sure that the entire family does, too. Confident, stable and fulfilled indeed she is, but also haggard, and choleric, too.

Different Shades Of Age!

Like most other things in life, age is not something men and women are likely to see in a similar light. Women are generally more often agitated by the concept of aging than men. Au contraire, men are generally thought of as much more charming in their thirties, if not even well in their forties. I mean, it’s always an eligible bachelor versus an old spinster. Scattered white streaks in a man’s hair are sexy, but in a woman’s are pathetic. This is just one of the cruel injustices of life.

Make The Best Of Your Thirties!

The truth of the matter is that turning thirty is one of life’s fattest lies. True, it is one big illusion that many of us readily fall for. Here are a few tips on how to live your thirties to the fullest:

First, do not get panicked by the notion of aging; it is natural, not to mention inevitable. But don’t think that things without remedy should be without regard. Far from it. Always keep your achievements straight before your eyes, and remember that many have crossed over to their forties, having failed to accomplish half of the things you did. You will instantly feel great about yourself.

Second, part of the dismay one feels at the notion of growing older is not having to experience new things. Well, it’s really all up to you. Be creative, even be a wacko from time to time. Spray perfume in your partner’s eyes just as s/he wakes up in the morning, and laugh your heart out over it. Treat yourself to some weekly yoga, salsa or belly dancing class. Go to the town banana festival and dance like crazy. Think of the world as a multi-course banquet, of which you’re still picking at hors d’oeuvres.

Third, It’s something I have been saving for last. In our frantic, fast-paced world, where you get to do so much in such a little time, ‘thirty is the new twenty’. Believe it. It’s the new craze. They’ll tell you you’re in denial, but who cares! At least, you’ll have a good excuse for being still single, acting silly or wanting to veg out in front of TV and eat 5 packs of Doritos in a row. Aside from all the above, getting old is a good thing, because the only other option would be to die! So, it’s all up to you really.

Turn thirty with style, turn thirty and be flirty, turn thirty and live happily, or what the heck, just turn the page!

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