Thursday, October 19

Crazy Hair Myths That You Should Stop Believing In!

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They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Women go beyond limits to take care of their locks! And in the process; despite living in a very modern world, many are still governed by myths and old wives’ tales when it comes to caring for their mane. Well, if you’re tired of trying to figure out which hair myth works and which doesn’t! We have below a list of hair myths you should stop believing in!



Your hair will stop growing at a certain point!

You’ve probably heard it before; that your hair stops growing at a point, when it reaches its maximum possible length. This is totally untrue! Your hair will continue to grow, as much as you want it to grow; if you take a good care of it.


hair-care-mythsTrimming your hair makes it grow faster!

This is the most popular one! If we take the logic behind it, then the natural hair growth phenomenon needs to be changed. Hair grows from roots!  So, while regular trims are a great way to keep your hair healthy, it does not affect the way your hair grows. Whether you cut it or not, your hair will grow an average of a quarter to half an inch each month. Long hair because of trimming is a big fat myth!


Rinsing hair with ice-cold water makes locks shinier!

This myth sounds like the real deal. We’ve heard it so many times that ice-cold water will make hair cuticles close; making hair shinier and healthier. Truth is giving freshly washed hair a final rinse with cool water does not seal the cuticle, keep it shiny, or prevent frizziness. Cold water can just temporarily help the hair’s cuticle to lay flatter.


featured-slider-2For a healthy hair, brush it 100 times a day!

This is now known to risk damaging your hair! If you’ve been combing your hair 100 times before going to bed in the hopes of achieving shiny, gorgeous locks; you may be disappointed to learn that your efforts have been fruitless. No matter what kind of combing implement you use, you should leave your hair alone once the snarls and tangles are gone.


Repeated hair wash surges hair fall!

Can you believe that something bad would be a result of maintaining hygiene? One should be concerned over keeping their hair healthy! Washing your mane 3-4 times a week is good for your scalp to breathe and stay clean.


With frequent use, hair products stop working!

This myth has been spread wide and many people believe it’s true. Contrary to popular belief, our hair doesn’t get used to the products we use. If you’ve already found your hair dream products and you love using them, then, keep on doing so. You don’t need to repeatedly change them to get great results!


hair-care-myths11Skip conditioner if you have greasy hair!

A total myth! Greasy hair and scalp oiliness are caused by overproduction of sebum. Hair conditioner has nothing to do with it. Skipping conditioner will have no effect on your sebaceous glands. Your scalp will produce the same amount of oil whether you condition your hair or not.

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