Thursday, January 18

Create Your Own Happy Closet!

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Clothes almost work like photographs: they bring back memories in your life. But when the memories are too many in your wardrobe, the result is a crowded and cluttered closet! You spend your time complaining that you” just don’t have anything to wear”?  Well it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start on cleaning out that closet of yours. It’s time to create your own fashionable happy wardrobe!

First Things First…

Pull every thing out and onto the floor

Empty your closet. Seriously, take absolutely everything out. Don’t cheat! Don’t leave a single wardrobe or dresser drawer unopened. Make sure you have gathered every last piece of clothing.


Divide your clothes into sub categories 

Collect items that are similar in one spot. It’d make it easier for you to compare clothes similar in design and decide whether you want to keep them or not.

Now you need to ask yourself some questions!

Do I love this item or not?

LOVE IT AND WOULD WEAR IT RIGHT NOW!! Self explanatory. Put it back in your closet.

Does it really fit?

It’s time to say goodbye to items that don’t fit quite right. Put all unfitting stuff in a box and store it in the garage or better yet donate them.

Is it comfortable?

This is the most important question. Does this item make you feel good and relaxed? Life is too short for clothes that are ill-fitting.

Do I have some place to wear this to?

Sometimes it is good to stop dreaming and start acknowledging that you will not be attending the occasion at which you hoped to wear this.

Will I ever be able to wear it again?

Enough with the “What if” scenario! By the time a similar event comes around, you’ll be wearing something new anyway.

Start storing your selected items upright for an easy access
  • Organize your selected items so you can see where every item is at a glance. The key is to store things standing up rather than being flattered.
  • Of course there are some types of clothing that are better suited. Hang any clothes that look like they would be happier hung up.
  • Don’t only wash and fold your clothes. Treat them well. And use some fabric spray to give them fresh scent.

Wait! We’re not done yet. The road to creating a trendy feel-good wardrobe ends with our check list of wardrobe essentials.

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