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In Such Traffic Jam, How About Carpooling?

Being a daily commuter from Zamalek to Nassr City like millions of Cairennes with different destinations and routes, I do not have to describe the misery and the suffering we all face on this horror trip. It is incredible, unbearable, inhumane and still we go through the whole process like in a daze, not knowing exactly where we started off and where we will end up. And interestingly enough, most cars are occupied only by
Living with Little Monkey Masquerading as Toddler!

I’m lying on a chaise-lounge by the bluest ocean you could ever set your eyes on, an ice cold pina colada in my hand and the sun beating pleasantly on my face. I close my eyes; savor the breeze, the sun, the salty smell. But just like a tidal wave crashing down on an unsuspecting rural village, I hear “mama, mama, go da boga did daw” and everything evaporates into thin air. I wake up in
Master The Art of Office Etiquette!

Like other types of etiquette, office etiquette is grounded in good manners, and it is intended to keep people relaxed and contented in the office environment. The fundamental rule of office etiquette is that people should behave as they expect others to behave, and be attentive of the way they interact with others, and of the impact of various activities on coworkers. People who are considerate, polite, and thoughtful in an office environment will tend
A Sassy World in the Heart of Dubai!

When you hear the number sequence “1,2,3-5,6,7” the first thing that may come to mind are step counts for a dance genre. Dancing is more than just coordinated body movements, but it’s a mental and physical therapeutic form of discipline that ignites a sort of euphoric inner rhythm. There are many different types of partner dances out there, but Salsa in particular, is one that attracts a diverse demographic of people who love to take
Look Gorgeous & Feel Fabulous With Jewelry!

You can look as glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor, and feel as fit as Jane Fonda. You must be asking yourself “How could that be?” The answer is in the power of precious stones. Precious stones or Gemstones do not only make you look awesome wearing them, but they have special powers that can make your life healthier, happier, and much more balanced.   Looking beautiful and feeling on top of the world are not the only powers
Fairmont Pyramids New Addition to Accor’s Luxury Portfolio!

AccorHotels, the world’s leading hotel operator, announced the signing of a hotel management agreement (HMA) between Arabia Group, developers in high quality mixed-use residential, retail, and commercial developments in Egypt and United Arab Emirates in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Slated to open by 2022, the addition of Fairmont Pyramids Hotel & Residences will increase AccorHotels’ operational and development pipeline to 32 hotels in Egypt.   Sami Nasser, Chief Operating Officer, Luxury Brands,
The Male and Female Within!

“He is so in touch with his feminine side!”.. “Is it this time of the month with HIM again??!”..“He wears the skirt in this house!” This is a sample of -presumably- derogatory gender-biased sentences. Guys use it to push and tease each other around, and even do some serious emasculating damage! Also, to my own dismay, gals use it nowadays to belittle any guy who dares express an intense sentiment! Where the gender card is
Women Dictionary of Hints & Signs!

Behind the Mirror of Gestures Guys, have you ever thought that you definitely need super powers to understand your partner’s hints and gestures?! If yes, then rest assured that you are just a typical, normal bloke. It’s kind of an agreement. Girls never give up sending signals and hints and guys never make it to decipher these signals – except of course for a very limited number of guys in the whole universe. To make you
Attract Her to Your Nest!

Since the caveman era till today, men have been inventing tricks and developing strategies to attract women to their nests. However, there has always been a missing ingredient in the formula; types of women. Like countries, each woman has her own color and language. The list of types is endless, nevertheless, these types fall under some major categories shared by many women. Though each woman has within her bits and pieces of each category, some
Cricketing Legends Compete in Emirates Airline Twenty20 Tournament!

Immersed in Dubai’s International Media Production Zone _away from the hustle and bustle of the city; the five-star Ghaya Grand Hotel is all set to host cricketing star players as Emirates Airline Twenty20 tournament kick starts in Dubai. In the inauguration ceremony held at the hotel; cricketing legends Jimmy Anderson, Aaqib Javed, Ashley Giles and Paul Collingwood drew attention to the upcoming two-day tournament scheduled for the weekend at the ICC academy in Dubai’s Sports City.   Named the