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Managing Diabetes During Ramadan!

Fasting is a vital religious practice.  But when you have diabetes, you have to be extra careful. According to specialists at Abu Dhabi’s Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC), it is extremely important to take regular exercise, specially while fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan.   According to ICLDC’s Dr Farhana Bin Lootah, exercise is a key contributor to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and can significantly help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. “As simple as
Your 101 Guide To Radiant Skin!!

Youthful skin is definitely what we all dream of and work hard to achieve. It's usually a reflection of how old we feel than our real age. You know, we have seen many older women with flawless and radiant skin that any teenager would dream of.   Asking physicians and researching my own way around my number-one skin issue (Black eye circles) made me reach one simple conclusion: "Fix your insides to reflect on your outsides."
Be Fashionable… Be Your Own!

Do you follow trends that are the highest in fashion, yet sometimes you end up looking dull and unattractive? You keep wondering “what’s wrong... why I'm not looking even the tiniest bit like that model or that celebrity?”  Guys, fashion is not about wearing the latest outfits but wearing WHAT FITS YOU and adds that magic touch to your body. Here comes the question “how am I supposed to choose from the huge variety of fashion styles
Gardening Guru Monty Don On MENA TV Screens!

HGTV will bring for the first time to the MENA region a host of gardening shows featuring Monty Don, one of the world’s best-loved gardening gurus. In that visually stunning series, Around the World in 80 Gardens, renowned journalist and horticulturalist Monty Don is to showcase some of the most beautiful, intriguing and unusual gardens in the world.   Each episode will feature a spectrum of wild and curated landscapes across a variety of international locations, including Cuba, Japan
Better sleep ….Better Life!!

"Sleep has no favorites” “Sleeping is no mean an art, for its sake one must stay awake all day" - Nietzsche. Do you believe in these quotes? Follow them or resist that feeling? We have heard a lot about sleeping. Some believe it’s a death twin. Never lay an eye down as long as they are alive. While others like grandmothers sacred sleep and used to say “sleeping is a king”. Moving throughout history and literature we find
Ghibli Takes Karting Challenge in Egypt to The Next Leve

As per previous years Ghibli Raceway and BRP Rotax, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products, present the Egyptian National Rotax MAX Challenge (ENRMC 2017) to all motivated motor-sport enthusiasts looking to develop their interest from leisure to a profession.  With 216 drivers from over 55 countries represented, this is expected to be the most memorable final of all in the Rotax Grand Finals to date!   Rotax have developed a unique worldwide karting championship formula utilizing the
Style Your Way Through The Waves!!

[caption id="attachment_6930" align="alignleft" width="450"] sexy[/caption] FINALLY, the summer has shone its amazing and everlasting rays upon us. And what is better than welcoming its hot weather with hot and fashionable clothes!!! Summer is all about the beach, the wet sand and the bright sun light that hits your skin and blesses it with the lovely tan we've been waiting for all year. Of course the common thing worn in summer is the swimsuit, which has its
Ed Sheeran Concert in Dubai Sells Out in Hours!

Now this is something that has never been seen before in the UAE; a record-breaking and fast-paced concert sell out!  After an unprecedented pre-sale rush, all ticket categories for Ed Sheeran Concert in Dubai were declared completely sold out, and now everyone is super thrilled to see Ed Sheeran on November 23rd at the Autism Rocks Arena.   "In my 17 years of staging shows here in the Middle East I have never seen such a fantastic pre registration
10 MUST-DOs for New Career Path of Success!

Have you been feeling like it's time for a big change lately? Do you get the sense that your career is not the right fit for you? If you're feeling frustrated, unchallenged and unfulfilled in your work, the time might be right for you to make a major career shift.   Profound transformations, both personal and professional, can happen in your twenties and thirties. It's when you discover and develop new talents and interests of yours. When you have just
Your Guide to Losing the Girl in The First Date!

  Everything about you is perfect, you think. You're a catch, you're a keeper; you say. Yet girls are still not interested in you, and tend to rule you out for some unknown reason!! Why she's just NOT that into you?! Here is the truth about what drives girls away! If you're wondering why every girl is ditching you. Let me do some weighing in and give you guidelines for the behaviors girls perceive as deal-breakers, when it