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Jungle Aqua Park Hurghada Receives Kids Swimming Paradise Tip!

Jungle Aqua Park; the amazing resort offering endless choices on the Red Sea coast _best known for the largest water theme park in Hurghada; has been selected for the Kids Swimming Paradise Tip! Quality Mark 2017 as one of the best places for a child-friendly swim paradise holiday in the category Aqua park Worldwide.   Every year, Holland’s and Europe’s best accommodations with the most child-friendly facilities offering the best water fun, slides and activities get awarded by the Kids Swimming
Semiramis InterContinental Special Ramadan Night for The Media!

Semiramis InterContinental Cairo hosted its Ramadan media sohour at its picturesque Ramadan venue, Fawanees by Nile Terrace.  The event was attended by various media personalities, bloggers and influencers who enjoyed the delicious sohour dishes, prepared by Lebanese Chef Baz and the Semiramis culinary team, while humming along to the unique tunes of the Oriental RipOff Band.
A Mature To Be!

By Lobna Khairy Back in August, 2009 I was at the AUC studying the principles of voice coaching and TV presenting. Back then radio hosting and writing were my ultimate goals; they were the dream that forced me out of bed each morning and had me cursing every sunset that came by. On the very last session, the instructor- as promised- sat us all down to give her final feedback and honest advice. We were anxiously
Know Your Personality = Know Your Career

Bulletproof Your Profession Sometimes being an obsessive neat freak is beneficial when your job requires attention to the tiniest detail; it has a fancier term: meticulousness. See! Not psychotic after all!! A bossy and controlling person would actually function best as an operational executive; s/he would know who should do which task and ensure all tasks are completed on time. As for those turtles who seem to take forever to do anything, those can audit with
Lars Pursche Appointed GM of Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay recently announced the appointment of Mr. Lars Pursche, as the new General Manager of the exclusive luxury hotel. Lars joins with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. Lars tenure with Kempinski started six years ago as Director of Sales & Marketing, whilst his strong empathy and dedication was the key factor in escalating the hierarchy of Management. His most recent post was General Manager at Kempinski Hotel Huizhou in Southern
They Are Called “Psychic Vampires”

Seeing them repetitively in movies, with an insatiable thirst for blood, equipped with long fangs to pierce veins, sleeping in coffins and hiding from the sunlight, we have grown accustomed to the fantasy of vampires. And the movies provided audience with a guide on how to uncover them: play the mirror trick—vampires won’t have a reflection. That’s easy indeed. But where the popular culture and arts dwelled on blood suckers, little has been said about
Relax…Time for Ergonomic Work!

Are you a hard worker? Sticking to your office, taking one posture that lasts 12 hours a day, suffering from migraines, severe back and neck pains, lacking all sorts of energy, AND, in return your boss thinks that your productivity has decreased! You are always stressed, acting like a machine all day is killing you!! Ergonomics is your only cure, your way to relaxation and high productivity.   What Is Ergonomics? Ergonomics studies human capabilities in relation
Welad El Zawaat Light Ramadan Nights at JW Marriot Cairo!

A perfect Ramadan season made complete with the fabulous opening of Welad El Zawat Ramadan venue decorated in warm and inviting colors at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, where some of the city’s sparkliest joined for a delicious sohour overlooking the beautiful golf course. The launch party featured Oriental dishes, delectable desserts and endless range of flavored Shisha, in addition to enjoying Ramadan whirlwind of classic Arabic music with the authentic takht while watching Ramadan series. Mr. Magdy
Dressing Floral for Ramadan With Selma Benomar Caftan Collection!

Perfect in time for Ramadan season, Selma Benomar _the renowned Moroccan caftan label founded in 2012,  has just launched her latest collection with an intense perception of vivid flowers of nature. The range showcases the luxurious caftans based on Selma’s unique perception of flowers and her inspirations that arises from this color palette.   With floral couture an essential part of the fashion theme of the brand, this range in particular is heavily influenced by rare flowers.
Get Over Your Phobias!!

Phobias aren't just extreme fears; they are irrational fears. People with phobias realize their fears do not make sense but often facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared object or situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety beyond control. Linguistically, phobia is defined as the unrelenting fear of a situation, activity, or thing that causes one to want to avoid it. There are three types of phobias: social phobia (fear of public speaking, meeting new people,