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Is criticism a pearl after all?!!

                       While the word ‘encouragement’ denotes positive acts like giving courage and hope, inspiring or spurring on, the expression ‘criticism’ has a positive as well as negative aftertaste since it involves judging  the merits as well as the faults of a person or an object involving much analyzing and evaluating. And while everyone needs encouragement, as  many people in this world feel discouraged, pressed in, cornered, undeserving, unlovable, or totally overwhelmed by the circumstances of their
The ABCs of throwing the Best Birthday Party

The earliest birthday celebrations were held because people believed evil spirits were chiefly attracted to people on their birthdays. At first it was only kings who were considered important enough to have a birthday celebration. To guard them from harm, friends and family would come bringing good thoughts and wishes, as well as gifts to ward off the evil spirits. As time went by, children became included in birthday celebrations. Luckily, birthday celebrations nowadays are not
AL-Borg & Roche Join Forces to Fight HCV!!

Hepatitis C is known to be a main health concern for many Egyptians. On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day and in the presence of Dr. Ammal Mokhtar _Regional Director of the World Hepatitis Alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, a press conference was held by Al-Borg Laboratories in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics where Chairman of Al-Borg Laboratories, Proff. Dr. Fatma Nasrat _Professor of Clinical Immunology at the Cancer Institute and Head of Immunology unit of Al
Careem Adds New Layer to Customer Safety with Call Masking!

Answering the consumer demand for stronger privacy protection, Careem,the the leading ride-hailing service in the Middle East and North Africa, has launched a new call masking feature, which is already live in the UAE, and will be introduced in other regional markets, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, within the coming 30 days. The feature gives Careem’s customers the option to keep their phone numbers undisclosed to the Captain (driver), thus adding another layer to customer
How To.. Summer-gize Your Wedding!

There's nothing more special than a beach wedding! Walking hand-in-hand with your new partner, bare-foot in the sand, with the most amazing sunset as your backdrop, and with loved ones looking in awe of the magnificence of your special day. That will be etched in your memory forever. Practically speaking, the beach wedding is not actually feasible to all. But don't fret, there's a way you can still have your summer wedding without it losing its beachy vibe! Here's
Master The Art of Office Etiquette!

Like other types of etiquette, office etiquette is grounded in good manners, and it is intended to keep people relaxed and contented in the office environment. The fundamental rule of office etiquette is that people should behave as they expect others to behave, and be attentive of the way they interact with others, and of the impact of various activities on coworkers. People who are considerate, polite, and thoughtful in an office environment will tend
10 Secret Ingredients to Happy Marriage Recipe!

Who is this person I'm living with? Where has engagement romance gone? I think I made a huge mistake? All these thoughts and many other pop up in the mind unvoiced at first days of marriage. And because, in today's hectic world, the chance for a better understanding is getting slimmer, we give you here the recipe for happy marriage. 1- Get to Know your Partner  Like all agreements, marriage has it own contract which develops in
Set Your Wedding Extravaganza at The Westin Soma Bay!

Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life! So take the stress out of planning that special day of yours with The Westin Soma Bay that offers you some of Egypt’s most memorable venues for a wedding extravaganza like never before.. All beautifully prepared to host your pre-wedding celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding day and honeymoon!   Share your wedding dreams with the Westin Soma Bay's team and their commitment would be
Adidas Rveals Ultraboost in Striking Mystery Blue Colourway!

adidas Running has added an eye-catching mystery blue colourway to its UltraBOOST X collection for FW17, giving female runners a fresh new way to stand out on the streets. The unique design of UltraBOOST X reflects the female foot’s natural running silhouette for an enhanced performance with every step. The shoe’s distinctive Dynamic Arch works alongside a sculpted midfoot and Primeknit upper to adapt effortlessly to the changing shape of the female foot, delivering superior comfort
10 MUST-DOs for New Career Path of Success!

Have you been feeling like it's time for a big change lately? Do you get the sense that your career is not the right fit for you? If you're feeling frustrated, unchallenged and unfulfilled in your work, the time might be right for you to make a major career shift.   Profound transformations, both personal and professional, can happen in your twenties and thirties. It's when you discover and develop new talents and interests of yours. When you have just