Sunday, February 25

Dress like PRADA with Just NADA!!

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In case you are wondering, what the hell is NADA; it actually means NOTHING in most Latin-derived languages. Let’s face it; dressing Prada is only affordable during very very limited occasions, yet, who doesn’t want to be the next Kendall Jenner. Well, just so we all know, the finest celebrities wardrobes are at least 90% non-Prada. So let’s find out how that is possible!

Stay a mile away from clothes that don’t fit! It becomes instantly downgrading when you’re drowning in a coat or cardigan. Even if it’s a brand; it will certainly look cheap, if it doesn’t fit correctly. Likewise, stay away from items that shrink you or hides your curves. Expensive clothes mostly add curves not shrink them down.

Dark denim, white blouse, camel coat, embraced with a Belgian shoes add instant polish to any outfit and should be in any girl’s closet. Also never forget monochrome is the perfect way to give off that “everything I’m wearing is chic and cost a fortune” vibe.

Neon Polish is a No-Go, unless you are wearing something that screams wealthy all over. I repeat.. Never try the neon polish! Keep eccentric nails to a minimum and always try French nails, they add sophisticated all over.

Sunglasses! Well, that is kind of tricky as cheap ones are bad for your eyes. Gladly though, sunglasses are not as complicated as clothes. You can own like 2 browns and 1 black and they shall fit perfectly with every single outfit. Also you can add a rather cheesy one to wear at the beach or that sort.

Two words: Camel bags and shoes! They are the simplest ever and look pricey. If you don’t know, now you know!

Stay away from fake bags, we all know what a fake barberry looks like. Keep it real. Skip the bags with logos. Bear in mind that a bag from a random shop that looks nice and matches your outfit is way much better than an “I am fake” one.

You can wear a cream-colored knits and dark jeans from anywhere with adding a sparky necklace that screams money, this will both add simplicity and elegance. Or you can simply invest in shoes and bags.

Always know that your scent can be just as wealthy as your look; meaning that with the perfect perfume and simplest of all outfits, you’ll definitely nail the most stylish outfit.

Jewels, jewels and jewels. Without a doubt jewelry front-centered elaborates wealth to any outfit; fom simple diamond to that borderline necklace. And don’t forget to add your pearls to simple dresses, it certainly does more than the job.

At evenings dress like a lady. A wild red dress or a black evening gown screams expensive all over. You can glamour with a pulled-up hair, long earrings and simple yet elaborate makeup.

Speaking Makeup, well it’s not part of the wardrobe I must say, but it has a major effect in adding its own magic. Try not to wear too much makeup and always use this rule: lip stick and eye shadows are inversely proportional!

Never forget your watch! A golden watch is the ultimate power to “fashion” and “expensive” even if it can’t be a Rolex or Cartier Tank.

Wild. Messy. Expensive. Well let’s face it there is a fine line between ‘pretty messy but elegant’ outfit, and ‘I just escaped the zoo with this jumpsuit’ kind of messy. So be strictly careful when performing that trend.

Your hair is your crown so make sure it is clean and well-cut. If you have the time, have it strictly straightened, or add some waves. It always adds the expensive touch.

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