Thursday, January 18

Drink a Shake…Lose The Weight!

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You can no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans? Need to lose the excess fat before getting those abs? Want to make your friends jealous or just to be healthier? Well; Norwegian/Danish doctor “Lars H. Hoie” gives you the solution in just a cup of shake! The miraculous shake, named “Nutridiet”, is basically a soy protein based product that helps you to lose weight. It gives your body the necessary nutrition with a low amount of calories, it has only 110 calories per serving!

Established in 1989 in UAE by Dr. Lars, Nutridiet is one of the best-documented dieting products in the world. It is perceived effective in improving some diseases as Diabetes type II, Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Nutridiet is a powder with different flavors that you put on cold water, shake well, and drink immediately.Meanwhile, you get to choose the plan you wanna use to lose weight. Nutridiet offers 3 plans: Quick Weight Loss Program, Moderate Weight Loss Program, and Weight Maintenance Program.

  • Quick Weight Loss

Diets have always been questioned, on whether they work or not. If you want to lose wait fast, try Nutridiet’s first program. It is the tastiest way to reduce a couple of sizes in a matter of weeks! The best part being, it provides all the needed nutrients and it comes in chocolate flavour!

  • Moderate Weight Loss

If not in a rush or just love food too much to give it all up, the second program is the best answer. It gives you the option to choose the meals to replace. It is where healthy food and yummy shakes meet weight loss achievement.

  • Weight Maintenance

For all those who have spent months/years working on reaching a body goal or are too busy to hit the gym on a daily routine – this program is ideal! By just replacing 1-2 meals a day, it is now possible to stay fit without breaking a sweat.

Nutridiet is now available with four flavours of yummy shakes and two flavours of tasty soups, and it can be ordered online at

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