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EMS: The Art Of Biking!

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Egypt Motorcycle School (EMS) isn’t just a regular school. It’s the perfect place to get to learn all about motorcycling and get to know bunch of awesome biker along the way. The place is fully equipped, and beautifully decorated with motorcycle accessories. As for the team, there’s nothing to worry about, they won’t leave you until you’re a professional dude! The atmosphere and the spirit filling the place are just impeccable. A lot of people just drop by just to say hi and drink some coffee! We interviewed Ahmed Omran, the founder of EMS, to get to know more about the school and the person behind it!

Q. Tell us the story behind ‘EMS’.
I’ve always hated routine jobs and I wanted to do something I am passionate about. It all started with a little idea to improve the reputation of motorcycles in Egypt and let people drive in a better way, and most significantly drive safely.

Q. When did your passion for motorcycling begin?
I started riding motorcycles since I was 10 years old.

Q. Some call it adventure and some call it Life. Did Omran plan for this life or did it all happen spontaneously?
It all happened spontaneously.

Q. Tell us more about the ‘Real Biker Dude’ program?
With this program, we help you plan everything; either if you just want to ride during the weekends or even are planning to travel the whole world on a motorcycle. We start with you from scratch and never let you go until you’re a professional rider. We introduce you to motorcycles, teach you riding tricks and skills, and make you one of the top Egyptian Bikers.

Q. What are your safety precautions?
We offer our riders full protection gears (helmets, jackets, gloves, etc…). We also make sure to teach each one on their own, and give them our experience and advices.

Q. What about your collaboration with BMW for the advanced ‘Road Safety Training’ program?
It was a one-day, eight-hour event for bike owners. BMW was the sponsor. We had 3 German instructors who provided up-to-the-minute information about road safety.

Q. What makes EMS IT in that industry?
It’s the only organized place that offers motorcycle training in Egypt.

Q. What’s the farthest place you’ve ever been to with your bike?
South Sinai. I do this trip once a year.

Q. Why do bikers wear leather?
Protection, warmth and windproof.

Q. In Egypt it’s so common to slip on asphalt and that’s not something you want to do in shorts, what gear one should invest in?
Full body protection gear is a must: Helmet, back and chest support, gloves, motorcycle shoes and elbow and knee guards.

Q. I can see that scooters now are trending in Cairo due to the traffic jam, what’s your take on that new IT?
It’s nice … but unless people learn how to ride it correctly and not to drive it in dangerous places such as the Ring Road for example, it’s not safe.

Q. What tips can you share with new riders?
All riders have to understand that motorcycles are dangerous, and they have to respect them. They have to be aware of everything around them and don’t take risks. Wearing a protection gear is a must, even if riding in the neighborhood.

Q. What words that best explain the feeling of the riding experience?
For me it’s always “liberating”!

Q. What’s your next step/ what do you long to achieve?
I wish to establish a really big institution that is specialized in everything related to motorcycles.

Q. On what basis do you choose the instructors at EMS?
It’s all based on their experience, and of course their passion for motorcycling.

Out and About

– Words I live by… Ride till you die.

-Food that always gives me power… Burger.

-Things I barely go out without… Cigarettes, mobile & knife.

– Bikers should understand that motorcycles are… Dangerous. You’re literally riding in a jungle!

– My IT inspiration / character is … Gangs!

By Haya Arafa

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