Thursday, January 18

Follow Your Passion!

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Have you ever felt that this is not the place where you belong? Like you’re doing what you NEED to do not what you LOVE to do? Are you torn between staying safe in a stale job or taking the risk and pursue your dream career?

Take the risk

Well, you are not alone! Many of us let our dreams vanish away because we don’t give them enough time to shine up and rise, and we easily give ourselves reasons to choose to give up on them. What’s worse is that we don’t take those dreams of ours seriously, we are not confident enough to fight for them and say “Yes we can!”

There are 3 kinds of people: those who are ready to take the risk, those who stay still in their places and stick to their stable jobs, and those who prefer to be a person of 2 hats.

There are lots of arguments and debates about the “follow your passion” concept. Some see it as the best way to career fulfillment. Others say it’s a myth and that people just have to work hard and passion will come through.

But in that article we are biased to that 3rd kind of people: the person of the 2 hats; the one who wants to feel financially stable but also don’t want to give up on his/her dreams and passions. It may seem stressful to stick to 2 things at the same time but maybe this is the only way you get to lead to a promising career.


If you need some helpful tips on how to be “a person of 2 hats”, then check out our simple smart tips:

  • Stretch your comfort zone:


    Don’t stay stuck in that box of belonging to one place only. Explore new chances, opportunities and challenges.

  • Be who you are:

    Follow your Passion

    Most people are convinced that following passion would lead to nowhere and that one should be grateful for having a fixed-salary job, and forget about such a myth called passion. Stick to your guns, and don’t go with the flow!

  • Sky is the limit:

    Sky is the Limit

    Remain ambitious as much as you can despite all the negative energy and the toxic people you might come across. Disregard those who belittle your ambitions and make fun of them. Believe in yourself and empower yourself. It’s all about self-motivation.

  • Be ready with a backup plan:

    Back up Plan

    If you feel miserable at your existing job and feel like you can’t add any more value to it, be brave enough to quit. But watch out! You must have a good strategic backup plan. You must be financially ready and well-prepared to take the brave decision of letting go of an unfulfilling job.

  • Celebrate your achievements:


    Praise yourself for the hard work and for the achievements you made, but be credible as well; evaluate your mistakes and learn from them. Practice makes perfect!

  • Acquire new skills:

    Acquire Skills

    Soft and academic skills enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Relax from time to time:


    Distract yourself from work and do some fun activities to relax and free your mind from overthinking.

  • Be your own boss:


    Freelancing teaches you to monitor your own work, be responsible and meet deadlines more than any fixed job; because there you’re your own boss! You can do your work anywhere anytime! As long as the job done, it’ll be fine. Hallelujah to no more fixed working hours at the office!

  • Be your own life coach:


    Empower yourself with a daily self-motivating tip. Positive thinking and solid belief make you feel good about yourself and lay the road of opportunities ahead of you.

  • Time Management: Seek to make a good balance between your work life and your social life. Note that if you kept thinking only about work, you may ride the working train and never get to stop in any station. Life is not about what you save in your bank account, adding value to this world and leaving a legacy are what really matter.

To follow your passion or not to follow it, is your own choice and is your own lifetime decision, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself no matter what, just learn to love yourself first and get out the best of it, and sooner better things will follow.

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