Monday, December 18

10 foods and drinks that make you feel OH-SO-GOOD!

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We all have favorites when it comes to foods and drinks. But then again, there are some items that are truly popular among the ones with the blues. Here’s our list of food choices highly recognized as Food for The Soul!


Super yummy & totally satisfying, Pizza is a classic choice for comfort food! Whether you are feeling down, having a party or gathering for a movie night, Pizza is always a good idea!


I really can’t think of a time when I was feeling down and I didn’t crave a burger! Holding that juicy saucy layered burger sandwich and munching into it is truly fun when you’re down! And we all have that burger joint that feels like The One! It’s always the place to hit when feeling the blues!


Chicken soup, Noodle soup, Minestrone Soup, Tomato Soup, Onion Soup, Mushroom Soup, Potato Soup, there’s no end to the list. Soup means comfort! Whether you’re feeling sick or need to stay light, a bowl of soup is there to serve the purpose!


My philosophy in life is do not trust a person who doesn’t like chocolate! Chocolate is the ultimate source of euphoria, and this is not just based on the fact that I’m in love with it! It’s actually scientifically proven that chocolate contains a substance called “Phenylethylamine”, which is known as “the love drug”. It arouses feelings similar to those that occur when someone is in love. It also contains another neurotransmitter “Serotonin” which is a proven mood-lifter as well. So no more accusations of overrating chocolate, the facts of science spoke the final words!


I have never met a person who doesn’t like Potato Chips! Whatever flavor is your favorite, there’s a public agreement on the need of Chips in moments when you need to feel better. Just give me that bag of chips and leave me alone in my corner, I’m gonna be fine! 😀


This is the treat that fulfills the child we still have inside! Full of flavors and colors, it’s there to give you the sugar rush you need to snap out of any negative state you are going through!


They say; if you see someone eating Ice Cream from the bucket, do not ask them how they feel. Ice Cream comes to the rescue of the wornout souls! It is truly the ultimate feel-good treat!


Just another perfect way to take your “Love Drug” dosage! One of the most heart-and-soul warming drinks, especially in cold winter nights! Who needs a heater, when one has a cup of Hot Chocolate!


I don’t know a better way to start the day! Morning coffee is responsible for the productivity of the majority of human beings! A good cup of coffee can change you from a cranky fellow to a morning birdie! Still don’t understand why employers don’t give their employees coffee allowances! 😀


The most refreshing drink you can ever have in a hot summer day! Whatever flavor you prefer; Strawberry, Watermelon, Lemonade, Peach or fruit cocktails. Any fruit flavor you can think of is definitely better as a cooler!

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