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Give Your Skin A Break!

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Being good to your skin is quite vital; you’ll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life! Yet, with the endless choices of beauty and skin- care brands, it’s somewhat confusing to choose the products that match our complexion. Sometimes they do. Other times they have side effects and leave some permanent damage. It becomes a vicious circle; the more we consume those products the more we develop a dire need for them, and as a result we end up suffocating our skin with chemicals!

A makeshift is needed to develop a balance using natural products, alongside with necessary processed ones.But how can we execute that plan of balance to have the perfect skin? That’s what you’re about to learn.

The Danger of Cosmetics

First, we need to acknowledge the danger of using chemical products. When producing cosmetics, manufacturers tend to add some ingredients for the sole purpose of preserving the formula; to lengthen its shelf-life, or maybe just avoid bacteria from getting anywhere near it; not to mention the color additions and fragrances that give those products the convenience. Those  ingredients do you harm rather than good. They might cause or stimulate unsolicited allergies and sometimes tumors. Good news is, you can give your body a getaway from all the toxic chemicals by alternating some of the synthetic products with natural ones. Giving your skin a breather will definitely have brisk results on both your skin and wallet!

Alternative Daily Routine


Use natural soaps like tea tree oil soap or charcoal bars twice a day. Another untraditional way is Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) which is based on having clean and natural oil penetrate the skin to draw out the bad oils that might clog the pores; leaving the skin clean, refreshed and moisturized. People usually opt for olive and castor oils for this process. It’s a bit tedious task and time consuming, but definitely would be gentler on the skin than the usual harsh washers and soaps.


Some would go for jojoba or almond oil, other would create their own mixes of shea butter, coconut and essential oils for scent. This definitely works much better than lotions and creams, especially for those who have acne-prone skin.


Why use an expensive toner when you can use tomato juice or rose water? They help to shrink the pores and leave your face refreshed and moisturized.

Natural Masks for Skin

There are a variety of masks for different skin types and different problems. Let’s introduce to you some of the most common DIY facial masks; your body will surely thank you!!!

A Natural Moisturizing Mask

This one is as easy as mixing 1 medium ripe banana with 2 tbsp honey; banana has proved to be ultra-effective in moisturizing.

A Brightening Mask

Strawberries and lemon are great for brightening dark spots. All you need is 3-4 mashed strawberries mixed with 1 tbsp lemon juice, et voila an overall glow!

A Nourishing Mask

Avocado perfectly works for every skin type and is very effective in providing vitamins and minerals needed for a radiant skin. You can mix it with yogurt (for acne- prone skin), honey (for dry complexion) or oatmeal (to restore any damage).

A Soothing Mask

Oatmeal is widely known for its soothing effect. It heals eczemas and acts as an acne-scars remedy. All you need for the mix is 2 tbsp oatmeal + ½ cup water + 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp yogurt.

For Radiant Skin

Milk facial using powdered milk paste gives your face the luxury of spa treatment and leaves your body gleaming.

For Deeper Cleansing

Clay mask is one of the best ways to extract impurities from the skin. Use it at least once a week.

A Natural Exfoliator

You can make your own exfoliator from natural ingredients like cinnamon & honey mix, or sea salt/sugar with almond oil mix. Use it 3 times a week for face, neck and lips.

Beauty Diet

Taking care of yourself, both internally and externally, is indispensable for a healthy skin. It’s essential to follow a beauty diet that includes food elements that nurture you and your body.

Vitamin E

Works as an antioxidant and acts as a sun screen.

Found in: almond, dark chocolate and carrots (which also contain vitamin A).

Vitamin C

Is essential for the production of collagen, which helps with wrinkles and scars.

Found in: sweet potatoes, citrus, spinach and tomato.

Omega 3

Provides body with fatty acids, necessary to moisturize the skin, and encourages the body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds. It also aids eczema and psoriasis.

Found in: flaxseed, salmon, walnuts and mackerel.


Helps with Hair Growth

Found in: blackstrap molasses, red meat, nuts, dried fruits, and liver.


Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Make sure you’re hydrated all the time. It keeps your skin clear and moisturized. You may alternate between pure water, green and herbal tea, and detox water.

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