Sunday, February 25

Crafting Heals The Soul!

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It helps with problem solving

Sewing Craft

Crafting taught me patience and perseverance. I have always been an easily bored person and more likely to ditch the whole thing if it wasn’t perfectly done from the first time. The challenge here is that you can never excel at sewing (for example) unless you know how to fix the errors. If you want to see the desired result, you need some practice head on. And by time, you develop your own style of problem solving.


It keeps your brain power intact

Mental Empowering

Learning new skills and doing mental tasks tighten the connections between brain cells. When you craft; you deal with colors, designs and materials. This is training your visual skills! You accustom your eyes to seeing beauty instead of everyday ugliness. And my favorite thing is that when you craft, you’re able to multi-task. You can listen to a ted talk or an audio book which motivates you to use your time to the max and be up to your fullest potential.


It’s a perfect way to de-stress


Embroidery, cross stitching or any needle work enhance relaxation and destressing. Repetitive motion and rhythmic crafts such as knitting, crocheting or even making a stroke with a paintbrush have undeniable calming effects. As you work, your anxiety melts away. You focus your attention on the task at hand and you become reconnected with your inner self amidst turmoil and confusion. The rhythm gives a chance for contemplation as it breaks the train of thoughts, increases focus and clears the head. The whole idea is actually kind of Zen when you think about it. Try working on a project for 15 minutes every day before you go to sleep, and let the magic work its way.


It heals

It heals

Depression and anxiety often come with inaccurate feelings of low self-worth. That’s when crafting comes in handy; specially for those experiencing mental illnesses. The challenge of creating something from scratch; of transferring a raw material to a beautiful, unique and useful product is very empowering with regards to self-esteem and self-sufficiency. Not to mention it may even evoke serotonin, which can bring a person out of a bad mood and induce a feeling of bodily and mental calm that’s been scientifically proven to enhance health and reduce the risk of heart disease.


It boosts creativity


When people let themselves explore their potential and innate creativity, the result is mindfulness. Crafting boosts creativity which in turn allows you to release pent-up energy and frustration. When you’re being creative, your brain releases dopamine, which is a natural antidepressant. Creativity usually takes sincere concentration, and it can lead to the feeling of a natural high, in addition to allowing you to express yourself in an artistic way. Just grab a canvas and start painting your negative feelings away.


 It expands your social circle

Crocheting, knitting groups or quilting circles boost overall satisfaction and happiness. You talk, listen and swap tips while finishing up your project in a much faster fashion. Crafting also helps in the development of the hand-eye coordination and spatial abilities.


It brings you some extra bucks

The last and most evident benefit you get from crafting is the extra money. Whenever you need to make some extra bucks, you can make art and sell it. Many women are now starting their own crafting businesses and transforming their lives completely!


Many of us push arts and crafts to the bottom of our to-do list. But if you’re looking for a natural way to de-stress and have fun; pick up a sewing kit, a crochet hook or a paint brush, squeeze 15 minutes a day into your schedule and get lost in the world of creativity.


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