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Handle Getting Fired Like a Pro!

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111861925-e1445765493734Getting fired is something every body hates and dreads. But hey, it happens to the best of us. Whether you are still a young rookie or a senior-manager grandpa who is about to retire, your pink slip knows how to reach you. You just don’t know when or how, or sometimes even why?!


As For The Reasons:

It could be anything. Starting from the occasional layoffs to save budget, passing by your inadequate performance at work – don’t blame me – ending with that your supervisor just didn’t like you. Anyway, you should be prepared.


As For The Preparations:

Rule number one: Always keep your résumé up-to-date. It’s a job itself to try to make a résumé while you’re actually looking for a job, so keep updating.

Rule number two: Network and socialize. Whether he is a coworker, or she is a senior executive you met in a seminar, or may be just a customer in a project or a regular sales process; start some nice conversation. Blend, mingle and chit chat. Be nice, you never know, those people may give you a sought-after working opportunity when you get discharged.


You Are Fired, Now What?

First, please don’t get angry. Don’t pick up a fight or shower your boss with some bad language. If s/he is a nice person, s/he probably feels bad about letting you go as much you feel sorry for losing that job. And if they aren’t, at least save a good reference for yourself. When other employers consider hiring you, they would mostly ask your ex-boss as a reference about your work and attitude.


Try to find out why! If you’ve messed up anything, it’d be good to learn how to avoid falling into it again in the future. If it was a race issue or something personal, you may use your keys to leave a good mark of protestation on the glossy paint of your boss’s new ride. Hey! The guy just fired you. Don’t look at me like I’m the devil or something?!!


I should remind you to finalize any paperwork related to your pink slip.

Pick up your stuff ASAP and leave with peace. Don’t stop at every office telling about what happened. In fact, try to manage not to wander around while leaving and pick the shortest way to the exit. Leave a note with some good friend and he would spread the news for you. Everybody would understand.


The Glass Is Half Full!

Anyone who had ever built an empire or changed the world was once in your shoes, and because of that, they were able to make it happen. If your former employer couldn’t match your talents with the job he had for you. Or if your skills and experiences were sinking in that place. Know that, there are lots of other employers who seek these very skills and talents, and literally would give you more money and grant you the big office with the view plus a secretary for them. “I failed in some courses in collage while watching my friend passes them. Now he works in Microsoft, and I own the company.” Bill Gates.


The whole thing could be a rebirth of you. I mean, was that job your dream career or specialty? You might have been working as an engineer, but what you really love and so talented at is cooking! Why not start a restaurant, or find one that needs and appreciates your talents? Probably they seduced you with the salary back then and you sold your dream just like that. You can still live that dream. It’s never too late.


Interviewing Quick Tips:

Of course the upcoming employer would ask you about such discharge. So hear from me and keep your ears open. Three keeps; Keep it brief1, keep it honest2 and keep it moving3. “Well, my boss and I didn’t completely agree on the way quality versus production issue should be solved, but I have learned the lesson and would really love to execute what I have learnt here, if you give me that chance to prove myself.”


Also, prepare your answers before you make it to the interview. And most important, don’t appear angry about that discharge, and don’t insult your ex-boss. Let me rephrase that last part; do not insult your ex-boss in front of your probably future boss, if you catch my drift.


Always have faith in yourself, and remember; the best of us get fired every once in a while, and you’ve got to let what happened go. The world should be prepared for a new you.

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