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How to Be a Heart-Breaker 101!

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Wear your charm inside and out!

Every girl has this innate tendency to feel pretty, to draw some attention and turn some heads. Being noticed makes a girl feel special and gives her a self-esteem boost.

Sometimes when the girl doesn’t feel recognized she might take an extreme route, she would adopt a no-brainer tactic, for more enticement. She’d start changing her hair color, tighten and shorten her garments showing more skin. Might as well loud-en her laugh and change the way she speaks and walks.

Unfortunately those girls don’t grasp that it’s not about how successful they pull off the seductive attitude, it’s not about how they look or how they act. In fact, it’s about the message they convey to the world. How a girl can grab attention by being beautiful in the heart and sexy in the mind.

The problem is that we take for granted what we already have, and instead exert our energies mimicking models and movie stars to live up to some ridiculous beauty standards. In fact being an attractive woman is so attainable. It doesn’t take much effort; all it takes is to be yourself with style.


Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the beautiful unique self you already are to the light:


Be Your Own Best Friend.
Some ladies can be very harsh on themselves and would drive people away because they think they deserve less than they truly do.

But according to Maslow’s Hierarchy, loving one’s self is rather a basic natural need; Abraham Maslow stated that no psychological health is possible unless the essential core of the person is fundamentally accepted, loved and respected by others and by one’s self.


Rule of thumb: No one will appreciate you, if you think less of yourself! You’re sending the world signals of how they should see you. If you think you’re a loser, then everyone else is entitled to see you like one, and vice versa.


Love yourself, ‘cause only then you’ll be in control of your life. You’ll be in control of your work, your goals, your love life and your relationships with friends and family.

Engage yourself in some cool alone activity and try to find a joy in your own company.


Develop Yourself.
Barbra_Streisand_-_1966Understanding what you have would help you develop yourself. Practice mindfulness, search for yourself, your values, your morals. Seek out to know what you want in life, what are your wishes and your dreams. Learn your own points of strength and weakness, positives and negatives and realize it’s only normal to have both sides. Take a charge of yourself, What are you good at? What can and can’t you stand? What are you capable of? How far can you challenge yourself?  And what limits you can break within you?

Absorb your roles; don’t wait around for someone to appreciate your effort. Be open-minded about new ideas and about compromising your perspectives and your approaches if they happen to take you nowhere. Be genuine, be realistic and be up-to-date.

Barbra Streisand refused to have rhinoplasty because it would ruin her voice.


Embrace Your Identity.
tumblr_mg4b31C8Zi1qedd8co2_250No matter what value or cause you’re standing for, you need to embrace your identity as a female. Don’t lose yourself in the hectic lifestyle, don’t get too busy to take care of yourself.

Don’t try too hard; too much makeup won’t make you prettier, it would only make you look plastic and fake, and trust me fake isn’t that appealing. It actually makes you seem too desperate. Adopt a style of your own, a style that spells YOU all over it. Make sure you’re being comfortable in your own skin.

Kate Winslet thinks she looks no better than the average woman. She said “I look like the people that walk down the street. I don’t have zero cellulite, and I’m curvy…But I feel stronger, fitter and more comfortable in my own skin now than I’ve ever done.”


Love Your Body and Wear Your Flaws Proudly.
If you don’t have a perfect body, so what? Welcome to the world of 100 % of the women of the world.

The human being is imperfect by nature, yet, ironically everyone is seeking perfection. It’s so tempting to notice the flaws; this bump.. those wrinkles.. that contour. We tend to live in our heads, it gets so loud that you forget about the other good parts you may have.

Know that it is possible to be beautiful at any age, at any size and any body shape. All you have to do is understand your body and learn to dress it. Make it a habit to notice the pretty. Make a list of all the things you like about your body, or the parts that frequently are getting you compliments.

Don’t be reluctant about dressing to impress. Keep what others think of you in mind because this is your window to the world. Don’t ignore dressing nicely because you don’t wanna be judged.


Reality Check: People will judge you by how you look, because they CAN’T see what’s inside. Balancing your look with who you really are is your job, not theirs.


Reminder: If you only see the flaws, then everybody will as well see nothing but flaws. Forgive imperfections, be dauntless about your flaws, love all your body parts and embrace your natural beauty. No one is perfect, so stop being no one!


Don’t Seek Approval.
“When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~Miguel Ruiz


jamie_lee_curtis_220x220Media assumes woman’s desperation for approval; it takes advantage of the lack of self confidence to promote beauty standards on how women should look. Unfortunately women end up following these scams just to feel they’re not less.

Beauty standards are nothing but an agreement of some fantasy. Fulfilling someone else’s fantasy doesn’t make a woman feel whole. In fact conforming to beauty standard is kinda cheap and reflects a woman who lacks self esteem and who’s ignorant of her own worth.

At the end of the day beauty is relative, not absolute. So don’t wait for others approval. Because you’re competent. You’re beautiful and you’re worthy of appreciation just the way you are.


Jamie Lee Curtis left her naturally gray hair grow and she’s currently aging with style.


Stop Imitating.
cate-blanchett_9825770-square-03_top_squareIf you put yourself in comparison with supermodels, movie stars and bombshells. If you get too overwhelmed by all the Hollywood stars’ flawless looks thinking less of yourself. Well, last time I checked; you’re a human, and superstars are humans too. You both have something in common. You both aren’t perfect! Did it ever occur to you that this “super” star isn’t born this way? That sometimes she’s not even real? That maybe she went through a drastic change and sometimes medical procedures to end up looking like that? Guess what, someone’s job is to patch up her style. Someone’s job is to air-brush her flawed skin, or to rescale her body proportions.

So let’s skip the crying-over nonsense. It’s your turn to take care of that style of yours and polish it to a real-life super classy lady. Just keep in mind that things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. The ordinary can be beautiful as well.

Cate Blanchett came out non-airbrushed for Intelligent Life’s cover confirming the complex of her natural wrinkles and real beauty, unlike the overly obsession of retouched images of stars these days.


Build Your Self Esteem.
Self confidence is the cherry on top. It’s the killer tip to portray a beautiful woman.

It’s not about how you look. It’s about how you see it. Being comfortable and content with who you are and what you have is the real secret. It radiates through your non-verbal communication means; your body language, eye contact and dressing style. Not to mention that wearing your genuine smile is that unmatched glamorous secret.

8C8934731-tdy_klg_dresses_130910.blocks_today_desktop_teaseBe proud of your wit and brain, don’t play dumb as girls with brains can be very sexy for those who appreciate it.


Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb, Today Show hosts dared to bare. They chose to embrace their natural beauty and go on TV with no makeup. “Most of it is just about feeling secure, and confidence is very sexy,” Gifford said. “At a certain point, you can never compete with the girls that are in the Miss USA pageant. You just want to look your healthiest and your best.”


Your exterior will eventually change but what will remain is your inner beauty. Work on that while you can. Be sure that every woman has this bombshell inside her, search for it and make her soar. You’re sexy and beautiful, just allow yourself to be.


By Marwa Hassan

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