Monday, December 18

Hidden Truth Behind What Guys Say During Breakup!

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I want guys to rest assured that this piece is mainly written to their well being. Yes.. that’s right. I have seen lots of girls fail to get the right signs from the male talk, and this in a way either corrupts a successful relationship or keeps the girl attached to the wrong person. It’s a great burden on the man who wants to get it all over with with a girl, and also causes the girl a lot of sadness from the stress of thinking and analyzing the words…

Us girls are known to be more expressive and talkative. We tend to say all that we should and should not with no big effort from the guy’s side. While guys are less expressive, less talkative and more straight forward; at many times they are very careful about saying the right words that they end up saying what they don’t mean. I know another party will probably say that I should not be generalizing, and I will tell you that this is my humble opinion, and the opinion of other people who have been through all those situations. Therefore, I ask you to accept it as is …

I will write the phrases well known among the majority of us, and will help you young and hopeless girls, decode the true meanings behind those phrases…So girls (hopefully) will be better at understanding you guys and will cause less fuss and so you might end up saying the truth after all… See I told you I was on your side.

When a guy says, ‘It is not you, it is me!’

This is a classic statement that guys rely on when they want to break up from a relationship.  Men have always believed that such statement could end things in sympathy from the girls. Seriously guys please stop using it, it so old fashioned and girls get that what you really mean is ‘It is all about you, and has nothing to do with me!”

When a guy says, ” I’m listening to you dear.”

In reply to the female classic question, ” Are you listening to me?”. Men usually lose track or interest especially if the conversation is out of their interest zone. They try to prove that they are listening attentively and follow their answer with a nod of assurance. While what they really want to say is ” Please that’s enough, I’d rather be elsewhere watching some football or even playing play station with friends, than listening to this deadly detailed and boring conversation!”

When a guy says, ” I am not ready for a serious commitment.”

Now this is common as well, because girls are always searching for commitment while it takes guys longer and so much thought before they are actually driven to such a decision. But the funny  part is that when men say this phrase to girls, they usually mean ” I am not ready for a serious commitment with you in particular” I know it is harsh and sad but guys we get you, and no we need to stop getting hurt. There should also be an understanding that certain relationships weren’t meant to be, so it is okay to just say I don’t feel we are right for each other…No need to freak out!

When a guy says, ” You are a real sister to me.”

This is really lame, because did he just realize you were a sister after all that time. Or did your hot friends just attract him more! This is quite clear that the guy is seeking a runway out of here, and I would ask the girls to tell the guys when this is said,  ” Mum and Dad did not mention you to me !” Sorry guys, this one is just truly annoying and I can not support you here.

When a guy says, ” You just deserve so much better.”

The guy is trying to make the girl feel she is much better than he can take, while he truly feels that she is not that good and would rather some loser gets her than having to suffer with her …. Guys this is such a cliche! And if all of you aren’t good enough, I wonder where would those co-called better guys exit!!

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